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Becoming Atheist: Humanism and the Secular West | Reviews in History
Russel Blackford reviews a book about the social history of atheism in the 20th Century in the West, looking especially at the gender differences in how interviewees expressed their reasons for leaving religion.
atheism  history  gender  russell-blackford 
july 2017 by pw201
The Influence of ULTRA in the Second World War
"In 1993 Sir Harry Hinsley kindly agreed to speak about Bletchley Park, where he worked during the Second World War. Sir Harry Hinsley is a distinguished historian who during the Second World War worked at Bletchley Park, where much of the allied forces code-breaking effort took place." A transcript of the talk.
bletchley-park  world-war-II  encryption  enigma  history 
july 2017 by pw201
World War Three, by Mistake - The New Yorker
The author of "Command and Control" on the cheery topic of the degradation of the USA's control systems and the possibility of cyber attacks. Also touches on Trump/Putin.
war  history  nuclear  ICBM  donald-trump  vladimir-putin  cold-war 
december 2016 by pw201
Ur-Fascism | by Umberto Eco | The New York Review of Books
What are the common features of anything worth calling Fascism?
history  politics  fascism  italy  world-war-II 
november 2016 by pw201
Peter Loggins - On The Importance Of Learning Other Dances Aside From The Lindy Hop : Atilio Menéndez : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
Loggins on how to dance at a real jazz club where most people are there to listen, and some history related to the old time ballrooms. Plus some advocacy for learning stuff other than lindy (maybe I should brush up my rusty ballroom skills).
ballroom  dancing  etiquette  jazz  lindy  lindy-hop  history 
october 2016 by pw201
Infographic: Taking Easter Seriously – Jericho Brisance
"Many Christians read the Easter stories year upon year, as I did for several decades, yet we never compare them in detail. As a consequence, we often do not realize that they are not telling the same story. There are indeed contradictions in the texts, but it is very important to move beyond “mere contradiction” – the issues with our gospels are far more extensive than that. Comparison against the historical record and assessing the gospels for trends of legend development are probably far more crucial. As with many non-believers, I left Christianity specifically because of the Bible, and because I considered and examined its content very seriously indeed."
bible  easter  crucifixion  contradictions  history  Christianity  Religion 
march 2016 by pw201
ladysisyphus: So You Want To Read The Bible
ladysisyphus on Bible translations, and why you probably shouldn't just try to read it cover to cover.
bible  religion  literature  history 
july 2015 by pw201
Whig Party | Britain's original progressive political party is back
Crikey. It's like a Neal Stephenson novel: "The Whigs are returning to British politics. We are going into the 2015 General Election to provide a fresh choice to the British people, and to show that everyone can get involved in politics. Our campaign will be positive and optimistic, both online and in the streets. The Whigs are back. Come and join the party."
whig  politics  election  history  uk  general-election 
may 2015 by pw201
Brown Pundits: Unreal Islam
"As someone in love with the cultural traditions of Islam and as a diligent student of its history, I agree that the acts of the jihadis do not represent the vast majority of Muslims today or in history. Humans are a violent species and Muslims have contributed their share, but it is completely asinine to think that Muslims have been, historically, any more violent than other groups. However, it is equally absurd to deny that the ideology underlying jihadism draws upon mainstream Islamic beliefs and is, therefore, undeniably a form of “real Islam” – albeit of a very extreme form. It is more accurate to say that this extremism is “not the only Islam”, and, by historical standards, it is a version very different from what the vast majority of Muslims have practiced."
islam  religion  islamism  history  pakistan 
january 2015 by pw201
I had a couple drinks and woke up with 1,000 nerds (This really touched me)
Nostalgia overload as a bloke sets up a Linux box and gives his friends (and then randoms from the Internet) accounts, like what we did with our college Internet connections in the mid 90s.Remember Pine?
unix  tilde  community  history 
october 2014 by pw201
Disharmony at Bletchley Park | Gareth Halfacree
All is not well at Bletchley, it appears, with tensions between the two museums on the site and between the guides (who are excellent) and the management of Bletchley Park Trust. What a shame, it's a great place to visit.
bletchley  charity  uk  computing  history  museum 
february 2014 by pw201
UFOs, Ghosts and a Rising God
Chris Hallquist's debunking of the stories of the resurrection of Jesus is now online. It's a good read. It's mostly a response to popular apologetics on the subject (Habermas, Craig, McDowell and so on) and an argument that the evidence is worse than that for more modern paranormal events which we justly reject (the ghosts and UFOs of the title).
history  william-lane-craig  christianity  jesus  resurrection  apologetics  scepticism  ufo  paranormal  chris-hallquist 
july 2013 by pw201
Heresy Corner: Tom Holland: In the shadow of a sword?
Don't examine Islam too closely: "Channel 4 said today that it had cancelled a special screening planned for this Thursday of Islam: the Untold Story, its documentary of last month written and presented by Tom Holland and based on his latest book In The Shadow of the Sword."
history  tom-holland  channel4  muslim  islam 
september 2012 by pw201
A Christmas Cracker
"On 16 December 1893, when Parliament had been in continuous session for 11 months and it had been announced that members would have only four daysě°˝€™ recess for Christmasě°˝€”Mr Gladstone received a letter in a neat but childish hand, written on ruled paper, from the infant son of the Earl of Pembroke."
parliament  history  funny  politics 
december 2011 by pw201
Times Higher Education - Divine irony
Blackburn's summary of Hume's "Dialogues Concerning Natural Religion".
simon-blackburn  david-hume  hume  history  religion  philosophy  atheism 
december 2011 by pw201
Why The King's Speech is a gross falsification | Film | The Guardian
The Hitch reckons it's rather too kind to Churchill and a bit too kind to George. Still a good film, but worth bearing in mind that it's not history.
history  uk  movie  film  hitchens  europe  nazis  wwII  war  churchill  royal  christopher-hitchens 
february 2011 by pw201
The Turn - 93.12
"At the very heart of winged flight lies the banked turn, a procedure that by now seems so routine and familiar that airline passengers appreciate neither its elegance and mystery nor its dangerously delusive character. The author, a pilot, takes us up into the subject"
flight  history  aviation  flying  banking  physics 
july 2010 by pw201
Decoding God's Changing Moods - TIME
You'd think the Abrahamic God would make up his mind — Can he live with other gods or not? What's with the random mood fluctuations?

But the fluctuations aren't really random. If you juxtapose the Abrahamic Scriptures with what scholars have learned about the circumstances surrounding their creation, a pattern appears.
religion  islam  history  christianity  god  culture 
june 2010 by pw201
Searching for Jesus in the Gospels : The New Yorker
Adam Gopnik writes about the historical Jesus and the Jesus of faith, bringing in people like Bart Ehrman and Philip Pullman. Interesting stuff.
religion  christianity  history  jesus  christ  paul  bart-ehrman  ehrman  adam-gopnik  philip-pullman 
may 2010 by pw201
A Turing Machine Overview
Someone has built this excellent mechanical Turing machine (OK, so it has electronics in the read/write head, but it's got real tape).
computers  hardware  programming  software  turing  video  algorithm  history  logic  compsci 
march 2010 by pw201
How Mark Zuckerberg Hacked The Harvard Crimson
Ah, the old "get people's failed logins, assume they typed the password for some other place" trick. Someone I knew at university did something similar with his Linux box, back when we all ran Linux boxes in our rooms: he rigged the login to fail the first time and log the password (this being easier than hacking up a special version of the login demon: you just write something to prompt, fail and then pass you on to the real login), and assumed what he got would do for other servers too. Happy days.
facebook  history  privacy  ethics  journalism  security  harvard  internet 
march 2010 by pw201
Sumerians Look On In Confusion As God Creates World | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
Members of the earth's earliest known civilization, the Sumerians, looked on in shock and confusion some 6,000 years ago as God, the Lord Almighty, created Heaven and Earth.
religion  funny  onion  history  creationism 
december 2009 by pw201
How to Think About Science
Metafilter links to a bunch of podcasts from modern historians and philosophers of science. I've linked to Mefi rather than the podcasts as there are some interesting comments from valkyryn in the thread, on what Shapin and Schaffer were saying about the role of trust in the scientific community.
audio  science  metafilter  history  philosophy 
november 2009 by pw201
The Open Road London (1927)
Colour footage of London in 1927. Pretty amazing stuff.
london  video  history  youtube  archive 
november 2009 by pw201
God is not the Creator, claims academic
In a sense, this isn't news: a lot of the religions that were contemporaries of Judaism had a creation story involving gods making order out of chaos rather than creating the universe from nothing, though I'd previously read that this was referred to in the Bible more obliquely than the this new theory suggests (e.g. water + Leviathan symbolises chaos in Psalm 74). If this idea catches on, it'll be interesting to see the new ideas the Abrahamic religions come up with to harmonise this with science :-)
religion  bible  history  christianity  creationism  creation  god  chaos 
october 2009 by pw201
On Thud and Blunder
Poul Anderson on how fantasy writing should make some efforts towards realism.
writing  fantasy  history  SF  scifi  rpg  sci-fi  culture  poul-anderson  criticism  fiction 
june 2009 by pw201
Against Mythicism: A Case for the Plausibility of a Historical Jesus
An atheist argues that Jesus was probably a real person, which seems reasonable to me.
jesus  christianity  history  bible  myth  rastafarian  haile-selassie 
may 2009 by pw201
Did science spring from religion?
Thony Christie addresses claims that Christianity lead to the rise of modern science.
science  history  religion  christianity  newton  philosophy  university 
september 2008 by pw201
Clive Staples Lewis: if he hadn't been a Christian
An alternate history: what might happened to St Jack if he had not become a Christian.
history  alternate-history  csl  c.s.-lewis  lewis  narnia  christianity  paganism  world-war-II  wwII 
august 2008 by pw201
Querying the Koran
Old article about textual variants of the Koran.
koran  islam  textual-criticism  history 
july 2007 by pw201
Gabriel Home Page has my old homepage from university! Aah, memories.
me  archive  old  homepage  history 
july 2007 by pw201
Charlie's Diary: Shaping the future
Charles Stross on what the future might look like when personal storage becomes ridiculously cheap.
culture  history  science  scifi  society  stross  Privacy  future  Singularity 
may 2007 by pw201
Through a Glass, Darkly (
American history has been appropriated by modern fundamentalists to build their legends.
politics  religion  history  fundamentalism  christianity  culture 
january 2007 by pw201

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