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A fixed-term hung Parliament? | British Government and the Constitution
Prof Adam Tomkins explains the Fixed Term Parliaments Act. Points out that, while a defeat which is not a motion of no confidence does not allow an early election, nothing compels a Prime Minister to stay in office: Labour could hold the threat of Milliband's resignation (and the Tories being invited to form a government) over the SNP in order to pass a budget, for example.
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may 2015 by pw201
gmancasefile: TSA: Fail
"I have dealt with TSA since its inception and FAA security prior to that. I have witnessed TSA operate since they became a separate organization in 2002 and seen their reaction to intelligence provided them. I have now watched them operate for a decade, and I have respect for their hard-working employees who are doing a thankless job. But I have come to the conclusion that TSA is one of the worst-run, ineffective and most unnecessarily intrusive agencies in the United States government."
america  911  hijacking  usa  government  fbi  politics  DHS  security  tsa 
march 2012 by pw201
At last an IT supplier that tells it like it is - The Tony Collins Blog
"No platitudes, just straight talking on govt IT from Martin Rice of agile software company Erudine." I've heard tales of middlemen charging government the Earth to take an £100/year hosting account and install Wordpress on it. Glad to see someone speaking up.
government  economics  politics  uk  waterfall  agile  IT 
march 2011 by pw201
Schneier on Security: Close the Washington Monument
"Let it stand, empty and inaccessible, as a monument to our fears."
security  terrorism  politics  government  washington  tsa  bruce-schneier 
december 2010 by pw201
“The Connection Has Been Reset”
"China’s Great Firewall is crude, slapdash, and surprisingly easy to breach. Here’s why it’s so effective anyway."
china  government  internet  surveillance  censorship  politics  firewall  tcp/ip 
march 2008 by pw201
Edge: MY GOD PROBLEM By Natalie Angier
Scientists should examine religion as critically as they do astrology, but tend not to because the religious control the government's purse-strings (in the USA, at least).
atheism  culture  science  superstition  government  society 
november 2006 by pw201

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