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I assert that God is omnipotent, omniscient, but also all-Evil. How would you disprove this contention? : DebateAChristian
Someone takes Law's Evil God Challenge over to /r/DebateAChristian, and makes a pretty good showing of it. Amusing for all the Thomists complaining that the poster doesn't get it, without quite being able to say what it is OP doesn't get.
theodicy  stephen-law  theology  philosophy  god  good  evil  thomist  aquinas 
october 2016 by pw201
Video & Audio: Is the Universe Designed? - an Atheist's View
Stephen Law talks at the Faraday Institute. Evil God Challenge gets most of the time, plus a bit of the new X-claim stuff.
stephen-law  theodicy  evil  god  faraday-institute  lecture  philosophy 
september 2016 by pw201
Which God Do Atheists Reject?: David Hume on Straw Gods
The theist will say that there is Something or Other that Created the universe, but they cannot tell us what this Something or Other was (other than that they call it ‘God’) nor can they say what it means for the Something or Other to Create. At most, as Anthony Kenny argues, they can say that ‘Create’ specifies some unknown and incomprehensible relationship between the Something or Other and the universe.
The atheist can agree to this much. There is some explanation for the universe’s origins. Perhaps future inquiry will reveal the explanation and we’ll be able to fill in the details.
hume  david-hume  philosophy  theology  god  atheism 
march 2016 by pw201
Justin Schieber on Twitter: "Nobody just lacks belief in unicorns. We all believe (for good reason, mind you) that they are fictions. So too is it the case with gods."
Justin Schieber (an atheist) argues against the claim that "atheism is just a lack of belief". This seems fair enough: what atheists tend to use the claim for is to say that they don't have a duty to rebut any random stuff someone comes up with, but in fact, we consider the eixstence of gods and unicorns unlikely based on our background knowledge and the lack of expected evidence (which is evidence of absence), and this is a legitimate belief.
belief  god  atheism  theism  unicorns  evidence  epistemology 
april 2015 by pw201
RDFRS: Secular VIP of the Week: God on Facebook
The man who plays God on Facebook. I've already Liked the page: it's funny to see him responding to religious people who get offended, usually with much more grace than they show him.
god  facebook  funny  comedy 
january 2014 by pw201
Let the Universe Be the Universe | Cosmic Variance | Discover Magazine
Sean Caroll got mentioned in Craig's podcast, and responds: "The moment of the Big Bang is, if anything is, a place where quantum gravity is supremely important. The Borde-Guth-Vilenkin results are simply not about quantum gravity." "But when we’re not experts, it’s not intellectually honest to distort the words of experts to make them sound like they fit our pre-conceived narrative. That’s why engagement with people like Craig is fundamentally less interesting than engagement with open-minded people who are willing to take what the universe has to offer, rather than forcing it into their favorite boxes."
inflation  william-lane-craig  big-bang  cosmology  religion  god  physics  sean-carroll 
september 2012 by pw201
On God and Our Ultimate Purpose
Stephen Maitzen argues that introducing a God does not solve the question of what, if anything, makes life meaningful.
god  purpose  stephen-maitzen  maitzen  atheism  philosophy 
may 2012 by pw201
Why Richard Dawkins is still an atheist - Guest Voices - The Washington Post
Paula Kirby on the recent "Dawkins admits he's an agnostic!" stories following his debate with Cuddly Rowan Bear. "Religious commentators have become so excited at the thought of his conversion that I almost don’t have the heart to break it to them that he said nothing in Thursday’s discussion that he hadn’t already said six years ago in "The God Delusion""
the  god  delusion  religion  agnosticism  paula-kirby  richard-dawkins  dawkins  atheism 
march 2012 by pw201
Atheism isn’t a religion, it’s a relationship … with reality | Unreasonable Faith
A summary of blogged responses to that "I hate religion but love Jesus" video that's been doing the rounds. I made a comment at the bottom. Also good for the comment thread on Atheismo, the diety for atheists.
relationship  with  god  video  atheism  religion 
january 2012 by pw201
A suggestion for Dr. Dawkins | Alethian Worldview
'Dr. Dawkins should challenge God to a debate. There should be an empty chair on a stage somewhere, and Dawkins should stand up beside it and say, “Well then, I believe that according to William Lane Craig’s rules of engagement, I am now entitled to declare that God is afraid to face me because He knows He’s wrong.”'
funny  religion  richard-dawkins  william-lane-craig  debate  god 
november 2011 by pw201
An Interview with @AlmightyGod | Friendly Atheist
God has a Twitter feed (@almightygod). Hemant interviews Him.
religion  funny  god  twitter 
september 2011 by pw201
Sean Carroll: Does the Universe Need God?
Top theoretical cosmologist Sean Carroll wrote a chapter for the Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity, and this is it. Interesting to compare Carroll's stuff with other popular science about the Big Bang.
philosophy  god  science  bigbang  big-bang  sean-carroll  physics  cosmology 
march 2011 by pw201
Advice God
Like Advice Dog, but Advice God! I'm snaffling some of these: "UNCONDITIONAL LOVE/WITH CONDITIONS".
religion  atheism  funny  god  humour 
march 2011 by pw201
"Ignostics take issue with a question so fundamental it's often overlooked: What do you mean by "God"? Is "God" a coherent or cognitively meaningful thought? Is it premature, or even possible, to have a serious discussion about a vacuous concept?" Interesting: I tend to find discussion of the evangelical Christian God meaningful, but I have no idea what it would mean for some other sorts of god to exist.
ignosticism  philosophy  religion  god 
january 2011 by pw201
GodBlock - Protect your children
"GodBlock is a web filter that blocks religious content. It is targeted at parents and schools who wish to protect their kids from the often violent, sexual, and psychologically harmful material in many holy texts, and from being indoctrinated into any religion before they are of the age to make such decisions." Via Metafilter
religion  atheism  software  censorship  children  web  internet  god  funny  parody  filter 
july 2010 by pw201
Decoding God's Changing Moods - TIME
You'd think the Abrahamic God would make up his mind — Can he live with other gods or not? What's with the random mood fluctuations?

But the fluctuations aren't really random. If you juxtapose the Abrahamic Scriptures with what scholars have learned about the circumstances surrounding their creation, a pattern appears.
religion  islam  history  christianity  god  culture 
june 2010 by pw201
Failing The Insider Test: The Problem of Hell
One of the reasons I'm not a Christian any more is that I realised the God I was being asked to worship was evil. Jeffrey Amos explains what I mean with great clarity, and also addresses the "ah ha, but how do you know what's evil without God, eh?" argument.
hell  god  evil  christianity  religion  morality 
may 2010 by pw201
Is there anything wrong with “God of the gaps” reasoning? by Robert Larmer
Larmer argues that both theists and atheists shouldn't be so hard on "God of the Gaps" explanations (the phrase originated as a criticism of Christians by Christians). While it's certainly true that it's not a formal fallacy, I think what makes me uneasy about such explanations is the ease with which "the thing which explains X" is identified with "the Christian God" (say). But I'll have to think about it some more.
theology  philosophy  naturalism  science  religion  god  gaps  larmer  robert-larmer 
february 2010 by pw201
Creating God in one's own image
Research in the psychology of religion shows that people tend to think God thinks what they think: "People may use religious agents as a moral compass, forming impressions and making decisions based on what they presume God as the ultimate moral authority would believe or want. The central feature of a compass, however, is that it points north no matter what direction a person is facing. This research suggests that, unlike an actual compass, inferences about God's beliefs may instead point people further in whatever direction they are already facing."
religion  psychology  science  politics  god  morality 
december 2009 by pw201
George Carlin - Religion is bullshit.
Carlin's classic routine on religion, in which he tells us how he worships the Sun and Joe Pesci. May be "strident".
religion  video  youtube  funny  atheism  humour  god  carlin  comedy 
november 2009 by pw201
36 ARGUMENTS FOR THE EXISTENCE OF GOD — By Rebecca Newberger Goldstein
The Edge introduces and gives us an excerpt from Goldstein's novel. The 36 arguments (and their rebuttals) are included in the excerpt, handily: the moral argument and the cosmological argument are in there.
religion  philosophy  god  atheism  books  morality 
november 2009 by pw201
God is not the Creator, claims academic
In a sense, this isn't news: a lot of the religions that were contemporaries of Judaism had a creation story involving gods making order out of chaos rather than creating the universe from nothing, though I'd previously read that this was referred to in the Bible more obliquely than the this new theory suggests (e.g. water + Leviathan symbolises chaos in Psalm 74). If this idea catches on, it'll be interesting to see the new ideas the Abrahamic religions come up with to harmonise this with science :-)
religion  bible  history  christianity  creationism  creation  god  chaos 
october 2009 by pw201
Buddhism and the God-idea
Interesting. I liked: "Whether we call those superior beings gods, deities, devas or angels is of little importance, since it is improbable that they call themselves by any of those names."
buddhism  god  religion 
october 2009 by pw201
Omnipresent G-d (LORD_YHWH) on Twitter
God's on Twitter, with some new commandments. I don't know why these atheists complain about divine hiddeness. "My word is a knife made white by heat, such as that which one uses to cut pastrami." - wisdom for us all there.
god  yhwh  religion  funny  satire  christianity  judaism  twitter 
september 2009 by pw201
Review: The Case for God by Karen Armstrong | Books | The Guardian
"The ordinary man or woman in the pew or on the prayer mat probably thinks of God as a kind of large version of themselves with mysterious powers and a rather nasty temper. That is the vice of theory again, and as long as they think like that, ordinary folk are not truly religious, whatever they profess."
religion  atheism  books  god  karen-armstrong 
july 2009 by pw201
Two thirds of teenagers don't believe in God - Telegraph
Sample size: 1000. Not sure how significant this is, but it's interesting.
religion  atheism  culture  research  teenagers  god  survey 
june 2009 by pw201
God (TheLordAlmighty) on Twitter
God's on Twitter. Good to see he's moving with the times.
funny  religion  god  twitter 
april 2009 by pw201
Born believers: How your brain creates God - science-in-society - 04 February 2009 - New Scientist
Summary of psychology of religion results, and some debate about whether religion is adaptive.
religion  science  psychology  god  pascal-boyer  scott-atran 
march 2009 by pw201
The End of Pascal's Wager: Only Nontheists Go to Heaven
You Christians are doomed. Richard Carrier argues that only unbelievers go to Heaven.
theology  theism  god  christianity  atheism  richard-carrier  carrier  heaven  pascal's-wager  pascal  religion  philosophy 
august 2008 by pw201
The Kalam Cosmological Argument
A critique of everyone's favourite "first cause" argument by P.Z. Myers's daughter.
kalam  craig  god  religion  apologetics  creation  logic 
march 2008 by pw201

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