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Real Life First Person Shooter (Chatroulette version) - YouTube
British film company put together a live action first person shooter and invited people on Chatroulette to play. The "making of" video linked at the end explains how they did it.
chatroulette  shooter  first-person  live  games 
august 2015 by pw201
zenicurean: The freshness of these ideas, it burns.
What's new in the strategy board games world. Some of these do sound a bit familiar... (Via andrewducker).
games  satire  boardgames  settlers  germans 
february 2014 by pw201
Find the Invisible Cow
cow cow cow cow COW COW COWCOWCOW!
games  sound  cow  funny 
november 2013 by pw201
Like Worms in the Belly of Some Great Beast: Family Values and Crusader Kings II | Ruthless Culture
Civ-type strategy video games encourage the player to see through the eyes of the self-perpetuating bureaucracy. Mentions the Iron Law of Oligarchy. Via Gareth Rees.
games  politics  hobbes  oligarchy  civilisation  society  charles-stross 
may 2013 by pw201
The Stuff Of Knightmare | Featured Article | The Gameological Society
"Knightmare ran for eight years and 112 episodes. At the height of the program’s popularity, 5 million viewers tuned in every week. It remains one of the most fondly remembered children’s shows on British television, 25 years after the first episode was broadcast." Great article on a top TV programme from my youth.
games  knightmare  gaming  tv 
december 2012 by pw201
Cow Clicker Founder: If You Can't Ruin It, Destroy It : NPR
Bloke makes spoof Facebook game to mock the grinding required by Facebook games. Facebook users play it for real.
games  zynga  facebook  cow  psychology 
november 2011 by pw201
“He threw one grenade but dropped, like, twenty N-Bombs". Via Metafilter.
humour  games  first-person  fps  counterstrike  racism 
april 2010 by pw201
The Non-Expert: IKEA by Matthew Baldwin
A walkthrough of the various levels of the IKEA game: "As you continue through the main SHOWROOM you will see groups blocking the walkways while chatting and others moving against traffic. These people should be killed immediately."
funny  humour  culture  parody  games  ikea  furniture  shopping 
november 2009 by pw201
Dungeons And Discourse
In which the party is ambushed by a 10th level Apologist.
comics  philosophy  games  humour  d&d  roleplaying  religion  funny 
june 2009 by pw201
Epsilon | Armor Games
Portal-esque thing flash game thing, diverting for an hour or so. Level X is supposed to finish itself and doesn't.
flash  game  games  physics  portal  puzzle 
june 2008 by pw201
Cool stuff to do with the Wii controller
My favourite is the head tracking stuff which makes the TV screen a view onto a 3D scene.
Bluetooth  computers  games  hardware  video  hack  wiimote  wii  VR  virtual-reality 
february 2008 by pw201
Cursor*10 (nekogames)
A flash game with a nice mechanic: you co-operate with your past lives.
flash  game  games  puzzle  cursor  time-travel 
january 2008 by pw201
Fun game from the Science Musuem, although it's a bit buggy and won't always let me move stuff once I've placed it.
education  electricity  science  flash  games  game  physics  launchball  museum 
november 2007 by pw201
Portal: The Flash Version
This game ate my Sunday afternoon.
brain  flash  game  puzzle  portal  games 
october 2007 by pw201

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