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W00tstock 5.0 - George RR Martin vs. Paul and Storm - YouTube
The singers of "Write like the Wind, George RR Martin" get a surprise.
game-of-thrones  grrm  george-rr-martin  funny  video  wootstock 
april 2015 by pw201
Interview with the Game of Thrones linguist
There are a few Easter eggs in the Valyrian stuff. Fun.
television  game-of-thrones  language 
may 2014 by pw201
fic: the joinery (game of thrones) (1/2)
A nice alternate history of A Game of Thrones from Cersei's perspective: what would have happened if Ned had taken the throne instead of Robert? Spoilers for the first book/TV series.
fandom  fanfic  game-of-thrones  books  cersei/ned 
august 2011 by pw201

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