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The Evolution of Trust
Interactive exploration of repeated Prisoner's dilemma type games, where you can play with payoffs and strategies.
trust  game  mathematics  maths 
july 2017 by pw201
The Deadlock Empire
A nice little web game where you try to break a threaded program by executing a critical section in two threads at once. It's pretty neat.
programming  threads  concurrency  locks  game 
february 2016 by pw201
A Positive Account of Property Rights
Vladmir M on Lesswrong linked to this as a good explanation of what Schelling points are. It's also an interesting theory about how property rights could arise out of a Hobbesian state of nature, although I'm not familiar enough with the literature to know whether that part of it makes any obvious errors.
game  theory  philosophy  Hobbes  Schelling  politics  Friedman  economics 
january 2012 by pw201
Epsilon | Armor Games
Portal-esque thing flash game thing, diverting for an hour or so. Level X is supposed to finish itself and doesn't.
flash  game  games  physics  portal  puzzle 
june 2008 by pw201
Cursor*10 (nekogames)
A flash game with a nice mechanic: you co-operate with your past lives.
flash  game  games  puzzle  cursor  time-travel 
january 2008 by pw201
Fun game from the Science Musuem, although it's a bit buggy and won't always let me move stuff once I've placed it.
education  electricity  science  flash  games  game  physics  launchball  museum 
november 2007 by pw201
Portal: The Flash Version
This game ate my Sunday afternoon.
brain  flash  game  puzzle  portal  games 
october 2007 by pw201
Chat Noir - Flash game
Sort of like the Angel Problem.
cats  flash  game  strategy  puzzle 
october 2007 by pw201 - Daily Victim: A tribute to online gaming dementia.
Bloke playing an Alternative Reality Game gets wound up by his workmates.
funny  pranks  reality  game 
october 2006 by pw201

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