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Monsignor Treeb Lopez - YouTube
Thoughts for the Day, not quite as heard on Radio 4.
funny  comedy  radio  religion 
7 weeks ago by pw201
The King of the Ferret Leggers | Outside Online
"One can only wonder what suffering might have been avoided if the Argentine junta had been informed that sportsmen in England put down their pants animals that are known only for their astonishingly powerful bites and their penchant for insinuating themselves into small dark holes. Perhaps the generals would have reconsidered their actions on the Falklands."
ferrets  barnsley  yorkshire  funny 
february 2019 by pw201
I've got questions about the Rainbow Cinematic Universe | Den of Geek
A critique of the problems with the world building in Rainbow. "Rod, Jane and Freddy seem to live everywhere and nowhere all at once, a bit like God or The Littlest Hobo."
funny  rainbow  television 
august 2017 by pw201
Operation Luigi: How I hacked my friend without her noticing
Funny stream of consciousness thing about hacking a friend (with permission). Time to enable 2FA on your stuff, people.
hacking  phishing  funny  email  authentication  passwords 
august 2017 by pw201
The Book of Jeremy Corbyn - The New Yorker
"And they hearkened unto the word of Jeremy, and believed. For they said unto themselves, Lo, he bringeth unto us the desire of our hearts. He cometh by bicycle, with a helmet upon his head. And he eateth neither flesh nor fowl, according to the Scriptures. For man cannot live by bread alone, but hummus is quite another matter."
satire  politics  bible  jeremy-corbyn  funny 
june 2017 by pw201
Brexit As Expressed Through The Medium Of Aliens Quotes.: gonzo21
"Newt: We'd better get back 'cause it'll be dark soon and Theresa May mostly comes at night. Mostly."

Via andrewducker
aliens  funny  brexit 
january 2017 by pw201
Anti-Brexit traitors outed on twitter
UKIP voters in "shit thick" shocker. Also features Louise Mensch.
twitter  ukip  funny  brexit  satire 
october 2016 by pw201
'To be or not to be?'
The soliloquy, with the BBC doing that thing of getting a bunch of unexpected people on the stage.
soliloquy  hamlet  funny  BBC 
april 2016 by pw201
Rupert Murdog
"I can't say I have their kind of fire in my gut, but I probably have some old bits of tennis ball." On LinkedIn, nobody knows you're a dog.
dog  funny  linkedin  recruiters  employment 
april 2016 by pw201
What I've Learned About Female Desire From Reading
Mallory Ortberg is fun. "100% of women want to have sex with a man who embodies the fox version of Robin Hood from the cartoon Robin Hood, but most do not actually want to have sex with a fox or a man dressed as one."
mallory-ortberg  funny  reading  sex  desire  books 
april 2015 by pw201
W00tstock 5.0 - George RR Martin vs. Paul and Storm - YouTube
The singers of "Write like the Wind, George RR Martin" get a surprise.
game-of-thrones  grrm  george-rr-martin  funny  video  wootstock 
april 2015 by pw201
A Pasta Sea: Elijah and the Apologist of Baal
1 Kings 18 re-imagined as if Baal had a William Lane Craig on his side. Fun times. "A Pasta Sea" is a good name for an ex-Christian blog, too.
bible  apologetics  ahab  baal  elijah  funny  parody 
january 2015 by pw201
Why Are All The Good Guys Always Taken, Gay, Dead, Or Available? | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
"When you finally do come across one of the good guys out there, why does it always turn out that he’s either taken, gay, dead, or available?" Via Phil.
dating  funny  parody  onion 
november 2014 by pw201
Pop Sonnets
"Young Thomas is a longshoreman by trade" Pop song lyrics turned into Shakespearian sonnets. Via Mefi.
funny  shakespeare  sonnets  pop  music  lyrics 
august 2014 by pw201
Programming Sucks
"Websites that are glorified shopping carts with maybe three dynamic pages are maintained by teams of people around the clock, because the truth is everything is breaking all the time, everywhere, for everyone. Right now someone who works for Facebook is getting tens of thousands of error messages and frantically trying to find the problem before the whole charade collapses."
programming  code  internet  funny 
april 2014 by pw201
Men who post on "Women who eat on tubes"
The lackwits who post on "Women Who Eat on Tubes" now have their own group dedicated to them, "Men Who Post on Women Who Eat on Tubes". Sauce for the goose, and all that. The best thread on it is this one, where they take it in turns to pretend to be one of the WWEOT posters: "Misandry privacy too seriously chill lad women only joke reverse, ironic turned silly time sport lift even do you. 2.2 Southampton beer banter opinonated BA Sports Science & Geography. Women rotten upturned collar hate women but Justin Beiber haircut and posh holiday photo. Hat look at my hat look in my photo I am wearing a hat probably. LAD" Indeed.
funny  satire  sexism  tube  london  underground  misogyny  privacy  photography 
april 2014 by pw201
Printable True Bugs Wait Posters | natashenka
Abstain from strcpy! Wait for the string handling functions which are right for you.
programming  funny  security  bugs  C  stdlib 
february 2014 by pw201
The Millions : Read Me! Please!: Book Titles Rewritten to Get More Clicks
Classic literature titles re-written as those click-bait headlines you see spreading around Facebook: "They Told Him White Whales Were Impossible to Hunt. That’s When He Went Literally Crazy." Via marn.
creative  funny  literature  parody 
january 2014 by pw201
What The Fuck Is My Wearable Strategy?
funny  humour  technology  wearable  strategy 
january 2014 by pw201
Dueling Magical Negros on Vimeo
Looks like Morgan Freeman wasn't available.
magical  negro  dueling  funny  race  comedy 
january 2014 by pw201
RDFRS: Secular VIP of the Week: God on Facebook
The man who plays God on Facebook. I've already Liked the page: it's funny to see him responding to religious people who get offended, usually with much more grace than they show him.
god  facebook  funny  comedy 
january 2014 by pw201
Find the Invisible Cow
cow cow cow cow COW COW COWCOWCOW!
games  sound  cow  funny 
november 2013 by pw201
Waterstones's social stories · Storify
Turns out Twitter is useful for something after all. Waterstones (the bookshop) in Oxford Street have been writing short stories with theirs. I liked "Quantum Leap".
twitter  waterstones  oxford-street  books  bookshop  funny  fiction  storify 
november 2013 by pw201
David Attenborough's commentary on the mating habits of pop stars on MTV. "Spectacular wattles". Via jwz.
mtv  twerking  nature  miley-cyrus  funny  documentary  robin-thicke  david-attenborough 
november 2013 by pw201
The Slow Winter
A lament that the low hanging fruit in processor design has gone, but done in a crazy discursive way with SENTENCES IN CAPS. Fun.
moores-law  hardware  funny  usenix  digits  processors 
september 2013 by pw201
The mandatory tweets of the self-righteous vacillating centrist stats bore: a user's guide – Telegraph Blogs
"Sit back with a look of superiority on your face." Tee hee. I think I've probably used some of these (though not on Twitter of course, that's for twits).
argument  twitter  funny 
august 2013 by pw201
Do try not to get your penis stuck in a toaster. A message from the fire brigade | Dave Brown | Comment is free |
"Our #FiftyShadesofRed campaign is designed to remind people we should be attending fires, not tambourines on heads or yet another handcuff incident."
fire-brigade  bdsm  sex  funny 
july 2013 by pw201
Shock and Law | The Tab Cambridge
"The Red Tops are blowing the law exam way out of proportion, says CHRIS ROWLANDS. He's seen things you can't even imagine."
law  funny  newspapers  cambridge-university  exam 
june 2013 by pw201
National Trust – Nature's Playground » The Click Design Consultants
I saw these signs in local National Trust places recently: they look like they're nasty prohibitive ones but they're actually encouraging you to hug trees and sit on the grass and stuff. A bit twee but fun.
signs  funny  national-trust 
june 2013 by pw201
Riker sits down | MetaFilter
Commander Riker has a way with chairs. The YouTube video is doing the rounds, but I'm linking to the Metafilter thread as it contains comments from "The Riker Who Mounts the World", as well as links to Wil Wheaton's take on it.
chair  funny  enterprise  riker  video  star-trek 
may 2013 by pw201
"And in one of those dreaded realizations pilots are advised to avoid, that insulation between cockpit calm and atmospheric anarchy looks thin indeed. An extrapolated horror: the riveted aluminum planks bending apart, the wind rushing in, explosive depressurization, death, the first airliner — no, the first vehicle — in history to crash because of an overflowing toilet." This guy tells a good story. Via marnanel
flying  toilet  pilot  aircraft  funny 
april 2013 by pw201
John Stump, composer of Faerie’s Aire and Death Waltz « Lost in the Cloud
An article about the composer of that spoof piece (with directions like "release the penguins" and "add bicycle").
music  composer  funny 
february 2013 by pw201
European Swing Dance Championships presents: Lindy Hop Bloopers - YouTube
Alternatively hilarious and terrifying. My favourite is the one where they kick the spotter, I think.
dancing  lindy  funny  aerials  lindyhop 
february 2013 by pw201
H.P. Lovecraft Writes Descriptions for the Sample Clips on Brazzers
"She reveals her body, plastic with fat, bulging in unwholesome ways like Willendorf's Venus with painted face. What brood or species produces such a creature? What transpires next left me shattered, my mind recoiling from what I had seen, the nauseating sound of rippling tissue still echoing in my ears. Trust that I dare not relate to you the horror that to this day fills my veins with ice."
porn  pornography  lovecraft  horror  parody  funny 
january 2013 by pw201
Dungeons and Discourse revision - help with spells?
Yvain wants suggestions for spell names and effects in his Dungeons and Discourse games. These should be horrible puns on scientific, mathematical or philosophical concepts.There are some good ones in the comments.
mathematics  maths  funny  humour  philosophy  magic 
december 2012 by pw201
Windows 95 Tips, Tricks, and Tweaks
Lovecraftian Windows 95 dialogs: "It's never safe to turn off your computer."
computers  horror  lovecraft  win95  funny  windows 
november 2012 by pw201
Philosophy Bro
Excellent summaries of philosophical works in bro-speak, plus readers' questions answered. Fist-bump!
aristotle  descartes  religion  morality  kant  david  hume  bro  funny  philosophy 
august 2012 by pw201
Why yes, I have spent the past few days exploring the Catholic blogosphere
"Atheists say that it's not necessary to wear green clothing on Saturdays. And I see where they're coming from. Wouldn't it be really convenient to wake up on Saturday and not have to worry about digging through your dresser, looking for your one pair of good green pants? Wouldn't it make life easier? ... But here's the secret that modern society has forgotten: there's more to life than just being comfortable. True, it would be easy not to wear green clothing on Saturday." A nice satire of a certain type of religious blogger.
yvain  satire  funny  religion  catholic 
july 2012 by pw201
Cycle of Fear -
Tim Kreider (of "The Pain, When Will It End?") on the meditative value of fear: "When I’m balanced on two thin wheels at 30 miles an hour, gauging distance, adjusting course, making hundreds of unconscious calculations every second, that idiot chatterbox in my head is kept too busy to get a word in."
meditation  funny  flow  cycling  anxiety 
may 2012 by pw201
If Atheists Talked Like Christians… (A Contest)
Reversing some popular Christian sayings. Kind of fun.
parody  funny  atheism  christianity  religion 
april 2012 by pw201
The case of the disappearing teaspoons: longitudinal cohort study of the displacement of teaspoons in an Australian research institute | BMJ
"Objectives To determine the overall rate of loss of workplace teaspoons and whether attrition and displacement are correlated with the relative value of the teaspoons or type of tearoom."
humour  science  journal  research  teaspoons  funny  bmj 
march 2012 by pw201
Unexpurgated atheist FAQ
At last, it can be told! Via andrewducker.
faq  funny  religion  atheism  parody 
january 2012 by pw201
A Christmas Cracker
"On 16 December 1893, when Parliament had been in continuous session for 11 months and it had been announced that members would have only four daysě°˝€™ recess for Christmasě°˝€”Mr Gladstone received a letter in a neat but childish hand, written on ruled paper, from the infant son of the Earl of Pembroke."
parliament  history  funny  politics 
december 2011 by pw201
King Under The Mountain: Soundtrack and Adventure Log
Someone actually ran a Dungeons and Discourse game (see the Dresden Codak cartoon). This is what happened. "In the middle of the Cartesian Plain at the confluence of the rivers Ordinate and Abcissa stands the mightiest of all, the imperial city of Origin. At the very center of the city stands the infinitely tall Z-Axis Tower, on whose bottom floor lives the all-seeing Wizard of 0=Z."
betrand-russell  philosophy  roleplaying  dungeons-and-dragons  funny 
november 2011 by pw201
A suggestion for Dr. Dawkins | Alethian Worldview
'Dr. Dawkins should challenge God to a debate. There should be an empty chair on a stage somewhere, and Dawkins should stand up beside it and say, “Well then, I believe that according to William Lane Craig’s rules of engagement, I am now entitled to declare that God is afraid to face me because He knows He’s wrong.”'
funny  religion  richard-dawkins  william-lane-craig  debate  god 
november 2011 by pw201
Religious People Are Nerds - YouTube
Following on from my post about how religion is a fandom, here are some more interesting parallels.
religion  nerds  fandom  hobby  funny 
october 2011 by pw201
An Interview with @AlmightyGod | Friendly Atheist
God has a Twitter feed (@almightygod). Hemant interviews Him.
religion  funny  god  twitter 
september 2011 by pw201
A. J. Ayer to the rescue! « Measure of Doubt
Ayer vs Mike Tyson, apparently really happened. "A. J. Ayer is known for writing "Language, Truth, and Logic." Lesser known is his sequel, "Language, Truth, and Being a Friggin' Badass.""
philosophy  a.j.-ayer  positivism  funny  biography 
september 2011 by pw201
Mr. Deity and the Philosopher - YouTube
"Well, if I did order genocide, I'd have a pretty good reason, or at least, an apologist could make one up." Nice. The begging bit at the end is funny too.
euthypro-dilemma  philosophy  funny  mr-deity  religion 
august 2011 by pw201
Who broke the build? – PaperCut Blog / News
"Retaliation is a Jenkins CI build monitor that automatically coordinates a foam missile counter-attack against the developer who breaks the build. It does this by playing a pre-programmed control sequence to a USB Foam Missile Launcher to target the offending code monkey." Excellent.
programming  humour  funny  missile  build  integration  jenkins 
august 2011 by pw201
Pompous Theist
You've seen Advice Dog and Courage Wolf, now enjoy Pompous Theist. Well observed stuff: I've seen quite a few of these "arguments" in my time.
atheism  meme  funny  humour  theism  religion 
july 2011 by pw201
BBC News - Austrian driver's religious headgear strains credulity
An Austrian atheist has won the right to be shown on his driving-licence photo wearing a pasta strainer as "religious headgear". This sounds sensible to me: if you're going to allow special privileges for religions, you should do so for all of them.
religion  atheism  funny  pastafarianism  ramen  fsm 
july 2011 by pw201
The Daily Mash - Biblical apocalypse leaves much of Britain unchanged
Mother-to-two Emma Bradford lives in Penzance, where a horde of creatures straight out of the painting Garden of Earthly Delights is on a bloody rampage.

She said: "They're scaly and bulbous-headed and they soil the streets with their demon fire-piss.

"And then they have a kebab."
funny  rapture  religion  uk 
may 2011 by pw201
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