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A review of 'The language of God' (Francis Collins)
Gert Korthof likes Collins's stuff on evolution, but thinks the Moral Law argument (which Collins acknowledges he got from C.S. Lewis) is terrible: "Collins fails to demonstrate

a. the failure of Darwinism to explain the Moral Law (true altruism)
b. the divine origin of the Moral Law
c. b follows from a "
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february 2010 by pw201
Theodicy III: Primo Levi versus Francis Collins
Jerry Coyne has been reading Francis Collins's "The Language of God" as well as Levi's works on Auschwitz. Not surprisingly, he doesn't find Collins's theodicy very convincing.
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december 2009 by pw201
Russell Blackford on Sam Harris on Francis Collins
Blackford doesn't agree with Harris that Collins shouldn't have been appointed, but has some good things to say about Collins's views.
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july 2009 by pw201
My first grant application to the Collins NIH
Grant application for research into "Religious Implications of Hydrological Phenomena". I lol'd.
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july 2009 by pw201

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