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On Hacking MicroSD Cards « bunnie's blog
SD cards aren't just inert flash chips: they have microcontrollers with firmware which can be updated in the field. Fun.
hacking  hardware  microsd  security  sd  memory  flash  embedded 
january 2014 by pw201
Epsilon | Armor Games
Portal-esque thing flash game thing, diverting for an hour or so. Level X is supposed to finish itself and doesn't.
flash  game  games  physics  portal  puzzle 
june 2008 by pw201
Cursor*10 (nekogames)
A flash game with a nice mechanic: you co-operate with your past lives.
flash  game  games  puzzle  cursor  time-travel 
january 2008 by pw201
Fun game from the Science Musuem, although it's a bit buggy and won't always let me move stuff once I've placed it.
education  electricity  science  flash  games  game  physics  launchball  museum 
november 2007 by pw201
Portal: The Flash Version
This game ate my Sunday afternoon.
brain  flash  game  puzzle  portal  games 
october 2007 by pw201
Chat Noir - Flash game
Sort of like the Angel Problem.
cats  flash  game  strategy  puzzle 
october 2007 by pw201

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