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The Three Waves of Discworld - An approximation of alertness
"So I’ve been thinking for a while about the Discworld books, and how they can be divided up into three rough thematic phases; not based around the focal characters, but rather what the story is about."
discworld  terry-pratchett  books  fantasy 
august 2017 by pw201
John Norman, the philosophy professor who created the barbaric world of Gor
io9 interviews John Norman, the famous complementarian and author of the Gor novels.
bdsm  fantasy  book  scifi  gordon-brown  john-norman  complementarianism 
march 2011 by pw201
YouTube - The Lord of the Books of the 55 Arse-Hymens of Stone
Lord of the Rings audio book mashup. Horribly NSFW on the audio, utterly juvenile, hilarious. Via mefi
funny  mashup  lotr  tolkein  lord-of-the-rings  fantasy  audio 
january 2011 by pw201
A Bit of Fry and Laurie - A word, Timothy
"Berwhale the Avenger, the Weapon of the Chosen One." "He lives far beyond... in Saffron Walden."
funny  fry-and-laurie  stephen-fry  fantasy  parody  berwhale 
may 2010 by pw201
On Thud and Blunder
Poul Anderson on how fantasy writing should make some efforts towards realism.
writing  fantasy  history  SF  scifi  rpg  sci-fi  culture  poul-anderson  criticism  fiction 
june 2009 by pw201
The Well-Tempered Plot Device: Nick Lowe
or "Clench Racing: How to derive pleasure from Stephen Donaldson books". Actually, I quite liked "The Mirror of Her Dreams".
analysis  books  funny  sci-fi  science  scifi  fantasy  writing  SF  stephen-donaldson  clench  cliche  plot  humour 
april 2008 by pw201

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