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There’s a lot wrong with this viral list about the Lisbon Treaty - Full Fact
A large number of our readers have asked us to factcheck a list of claims about the Lisbon Treaty, or “what will actually happen if we stay in the EU”, which has gone viral on social media.

The list has appeared in numerous versions across different platforms since mid-December. The text at the beginning and end is often different, but the central list of claims is virtually identical across most of the versions we’ve seen.

Much of it is wrong. The list is a mixture of false claims, and claims that have some truth but could be misleading given the context.
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march 2019 by pw201
Ian Clark on Twitter: "Interesting comment on FB. Think it might be spot on."
An argument that Cameron has passed on a poisoned chalice to his successor, which is why Boris looks so glum: nobody will ever push the Article 50 button, because it's political suicide, but not doing so is also political suicide.
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june 2016 by pw201
Lord Ashcroft on Twitter: "More from my 12k referendum-day poll on how leavers and remainers see the world differently:"
How the referendum leavers and remainers view the world. Not particularly surprising, but nice to see some actual evidence.
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june 2016 by pw201
Why the Article 50 notification is important – Jack of Kent blog
Cameron has not formally notified the EU of our intention to leave. Boris says there's no hurry. Perhaps it will never happen?
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june 2016 by pw201
Kenan Malik argues that multi-cultural policies amount to dealing with people as a bloc lead by self-appointed (or government appointed) leaders. Yet French assimilationism hasn't fared better: Malik blames measures taken against alienness (burqua bans) and an inability to acknowledge that racism still exists even though the goal is assimilation.
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march 2015 by pw201
If Europe is to overcome Islamist terror, it needs to fight for the values it holds dear | Comment is free | The Guardian
"For many on the left, tolerance comes easily. But economic disarray has sapped the will to defend our principles of rationalism and individual liberty."
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january 2015 by pw201
Bringing your religious beliefs to work – what are the limits? | Opinion | The Lawyer
Cherie Booth looks at the recent European court decisions on religious expression at work (decisions which seemed pretty sensible to me).
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january 2013 by pw201
Eurozine - Multiculturalism at its limits? - Kenan Malik, Fero Sebej Managing diversity in the new Europe
Kenan Malik seems pretty sensible: "we need to make the distinction between diversity as lived experience and multiculturalism as a political process", "what I'm attacking is not simply multiculturalism, but also anti-immigrant sentiment, which are two sides of the same coin. Both sides of the debate confuse peoples and values." Via andrewducker.
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february 2011 by pw201
David Cameron tells Muslim Britain: stop tolerating extremists | Politics | The Guardian
"David Cameron will today signal a sea-change in the government fight against home-grown terrorism, saying the state must confront, and not consort with, the non-violent Muslim groups that are ambiguous about British values such as equality between sexes, democracy and integration." I agree with Dave.
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february 2011 by pw201
Why The King's Speech is a gross falsification | Film | The Guardian
The Hitch reckons it's rather too kind to Churchill and a bit too kind to George. Still a good film, but worth bearing in mind that it's not history.
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february 2011 by pw201
'In the middle of the operation, my colleague said he had to go – it was his home time' - Telegraph
"Senior doctor Tony Strong, 37, works an 80-hour week, despite a recent European ruling that it should be no more than 48." Mr Strong is against the European working time directive, but I'm not convinced that a return to knackered junior doctors treating patients is a good thing either.
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august 2010 by pw201 / Reportage - Immigrant Muslims in Belleville
"Yet there are two main reasons the Belle­ville scenario looks more likely than the Eurabia one. The first is demographic: no serious demographer expects Muslims to become a majority in any western European country. The second is attitudes: only a tiny minority of French Muslims appears to want to establish a medieval caliphate in Europe. In surveys, most French Muslims say that they feel French... Many of them no longer observe Islam. And although here and there Muslims have made France a little more north African or Islamic, the influence seems to be more the other way: Muslim immigrants are being infected by Frenchness."
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march 2010 by pw201
Scandinavian Nonbelievers, Which Is Not to Say Atheists -
In Scandanivia, no-one cares much about religion (everyone thinks Jesus was a good chap but nobody wants to talk about God) and everyone's pretty nice. It's probably the best way to be.
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march 2009 by pw201
Facing the Islamist Menace by Christopher Hitchens, City Journal Winter 2007
Hitchens reviews Mark Steyn's book "America Alone: The End of the World As We Know It".
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march 2007 by pw201
Pascal Bruckner: Enlightenment fundamentalism or racism of the anti-racists? - signandsight
Is the Enlightenment a religion? How multi-culturalism can lock people into a particular group. Shades of Neal Stephenson's stuff about whether some cultures can be said to be better than others.
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january 2007 by pw201

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