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Rupert Murdog
"I can't say I have their kind of fire in my gut, but I probably have some old bits of tennis ball." On LinkedIn, nobody knows you're a dog.
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april 2016 by pw201
Why Some Men Pretend to Work 80-Hour Weeks - HBR
Interesting research into the sort of place where you're expected to be available all the time and work all the hours. Some successful men found ways to "pass" i.e. to appear they were hard workers while finding time for other things (like their families). Women tended to ask explicitly for allowances to be made for child care and their careers suffered for it.
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may 2015 by pw201
cartesiandaemon - December Days: Dream Job
CartesianDaemon on what makes a good job. I think I agree with all of these. Where can I get one of those?
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december 2014 by pw201
Loyalty and Trust | Heart, Mind and Code
A more temperate follow up to the "don't be loyal to the corporation" one, distinguishing loyalty, trust and vulnerability.
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november 2014 by pw201
Are you paid to look busy?
Do people with useless jobs secretly resent those with useful ones?
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may 2014 by pw201
FactCheck: Case dismissed on employment law reform | The FactCheck Blog
"The Beecroft study as it appears in the Telegraph contains little in the way of factual evidence as it stands, so it’s difficult to support the venture capitalist’s assertions that a change in the law on unfair dismissal is needed." Via andrewducker.
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september 2012 by pw201
'In the middle of the operation, my colleague said he had to go – it was his home time' - Telegraph
"Senior doctor Tony Strong, 37, works an 80-hour week, despite a recent European ruling that it should be no more than 48." Mr Strong is against the European working time directive, but I'm not convinced that a return to knackered junior doctors treating patients is a good thing either.
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august 2010 by pw201

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