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David Simon on Baltimore’s Anguish | The Marshall Project
David Simon ("The Wire", "Homicide") blames the drug war for the breakdown of trust between the police and the community following the abandonment of constitutional protections. Points out that the police force is largely black. Petyr Baelish really did cook the crime stats, too.
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may 2015 by pw201
DAVID SIMON - Vice Magazine
"David Simon is responsible for one of the greatest feats of storytelling of the past century, and that’s the entire five-season run of the television series The Wire." - Vice Magazine interview him.
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december 2009 by pw201
Is Obama About To Become Just Another War Criminal?
"Aghanistan is not a country, it's a criminal enterprise" - Evert Cilliers wonders what America is doing there, a question you might also ask about the UK.
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november 2009 by pw201
badscience » Heroin On Prescription
An essay arguing that heroin should be available on prescription.
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november 2006 by pw201

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