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cmocka - unit testing framework for C
Nifty unit test framework which does the checking arguments and providing return values from stub/mocked functions which I tend to spend a bit of time re-creating each time I write a test.
test  development  programming  testing  unit-test  C 
march 2015 by pw201
tup | Home
Another make replacement. This one looks quite neat.
tools  build  development  tup  programming  make 
september 2014 by pw201
Redo implementation in Python
djb's "redo" make-replacement done in Python.
make  coding  development  programming  redo  djb  python 
september 2014 by pw201
Lost Garden: Rules of Productivity Presentation
"How do we get more work done? It is a question that every manager and every passionate worker faces. Yet, for the most part, teams operate on gut instinct and habit. The results are less than optimal. Over the years I've been collecting small pieces of research on various factors that actually seem to improve productivity. I've assembled eight of these experiments into a PowerPoint presentation. Feel free to use the graphs and data within to spread these practical ideas throughout your own teams." Via andrewducker.
psychology  programming  software  development  overtime  scrum  productivity 
september 2011 by pw201
Git Immersion - Brought to you by EdgeCase
Looks like a nice introduction to the "git" version control system. Must get round to understanding that one of these days.
programming  version-control  git  development  tutorial  software  tools 
august 2011 by pw201
App Inventor for Android
Graphical app builder for Android phones, for people who don't want to write Java. Interesting to contrast Google's approach with Apple's here: Apple have effectively banned this sort of thing.
programming  development  tools  google  mobile  android 
july 2010 by pw201 - Make Sequence Diagrams with one click
Nice tool for drawing message sequence charts: sort of the MSC equivalent of GraphViz.
design  development  programming  software  tools  msc  message  sequence  diagram 
march 2010 by pw201
A Few Billion Lines of Code Later: Using Static Analysis to Find Bugs in the Real World | February 2010 | Communications of the ACM
Bunch of academics write a static checker and take it commercial. They are surprised to find that: Compilers for embedded targets accept stuff which isn't quite C, embedded programmers use the stuff, because we're evil. A worryingly large proportion of programmers are clueless ("No, ANSI lets you write 1 past the end of the array"), concluding that "You cannot often argue with people who are sufficiently confused about technical matters; they think you are the one who doesn't get it. They also tend to get emotional. Arguing reliably kills sales." Also, managers like graphs of bad stuff to go down over time, so don't like the tool to improve. Fun article. Via Metafilter.
programming  analysis  security  software  coverity  development  tools  C 
february 2010 by pw201
The Women’s Crusade -
How helping women in poor countries helps everyone.
women  feminism  politics  third-world  development 
august 2009 by pw201

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