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Testing psychics « Derren Brown Blog
Derren Brown carefully avoids libelling Sally Morgan while pointing out that, well, all the other psychics were frauds...
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october 2011 by pw201
Curing the gays « Derren Brown Blog
Derren Brown (who's gay, and who used to be a Christian): "I have, however, attended these sorts of church sessions and even courses which set about healing the ‘brokenness’ of homosexuality... I read of such things now and shiver."
derren-brown  gay  homosexuality  christianity  religion  philippa-stroud  sex 
may 2010 by pw201
Jamy Ian Swiss / For fans & magicians / Derren Brown Conversation
Derren Brown talks about his shows. Interesting discussion of stuff like pretending to NLP as similar to previous magicians who'd pretend to be psychic.
derren-brown  magic  mentalism  nlp  hypnotism 
june 2007 by pw201

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