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Ex-Communications – Recovering From Religion - You Are Not Alone
A new blog written by de-converts from various religions. Looks quite interesting so far.
ex-christian  religion  deconversion  christianity 
december 2014 by pw201
Failing the Insider Test - My de-conversion story « de-conversion
A long but interesting story from a former fundamentalist. At various points, he identifies places where it would have been rational for him to give up on faith, but he didn't. Shows how hard it is to get out, I think.
christianity  atheism  religion  fundamentalism  deconversion  ex-christian  exchristian 
march 2009 by pw201
A Salvation Story [Repost] - IIDB
An interesting de-conversion story. Some familiar feelings there for me.
atheism  fundamentalism  religion  evangelicalism  deconversion  de-conversion 
october 2007 by pw201

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