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Conversion via Twitter - The New Yorker
Megan Phelps - Roper on leaving Westboro Baptist Church, the church notorious for picketing funerals.
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march 2017 by pw201
The Biggest Challenges to Staying Christian
Peter Enns asks his Christian readers for the biggest challenges to staying Christian, and then tells them to be "trans-rational". Adam Lee comments.
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june 2013 by pw201
Top 10 Reasons our Kids Leave Church « Marc5Solas
An American Christian on why they're losing their youth. Obviously, they're not going to say "because it's all lies", but I don't think an atheist has to support the idea that all de-converts thought very hard about it and left on rational grounds.
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february 2013 by pw201
From Bible-Belt Pastor to Atheist Leader -
Small town pastor turns atheist, gets ostracised by Christians, turns to the Clergy Project and now helps run the Recovering from Religion organisation.
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august 2012 by pw201
deconversion | Black, White and Gray
Some Christian sociologists did some research into why people leave, by looking at 50 de-conversion "testimonies". Results: intellectual problems (hell, suffering, reliability of the Bible); God's failure to answer prayer; other Christians responding to doubt in trite or unhelpful ways. Contact with unbelievers wasn't often cited as a cause of de-conversion.
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february 2012 by pw201
Preachers who are not Believers
Daniel Dennett and Linda LaScola, a social worker, look into the question of what it's like to be a pastor who doesn't believe in God. They've interviewed 5 closeted non-believing church leaders. Fascinating stuff: Dennett and LaScola write of the pastors' loneliness and conviction that there are many like them. They wonder whether they learned too much: "What gives them this impression that they are far from alone, and how did this strange and sorrowful state of affairs arise? The answer seems to lie in the seminary experience shared by all
our pastors, liberals and literals alike... It is hard if not impossible to square these new facts with the idea that the Bible is in all its particulars a true account of actual events, let alone the inerrant word of God."
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march 2010 by pw201
Pleased to meet you, hope you guessed my name
Christian commenter on Unreasonable Faith: "All ex-Christians are in league with Satan and are fully aware of it, don’t let yourselves be fooled into believing otherwise." Bugger, I've been rumbled. Time to buy a red cape...
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november 2009 by pw201
The Redheaded Skeptic
"Notes on the journey from minister's wife to atheist". Laura from Arkansas was married to a Baptist pastor who sounds like a real charmer. She writes about the emotional side of her transition to atheism.
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november 2009 by pw201
A life changed by evidence
Series of videos by a former evangelical Christian explaining why he became an atheist. Well produced and informative stuff. The chap makes a palpable effort to show how he was a Christian and how, for much of the time before his deconversion, he thought the things he was learning could be incorporated into Christianity rather than working against it.
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november 2009 by pw201
seek and ye shall find…. but what?
“If you REALLY had been a Christian you would have never de-converted.” vs the observation that many de-converts are former Christian ministers.
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october 2009 by pw201
A Salvation Story [Repost] - IIDB
An interesting de-conversion story. Some familiar feelings there for me.
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october 2007 by pw201
Johann Hari: Why do we ignore the plight of ex-Muslims? - Independent Online Edition > Johann Hari
"All over Europe, there are Muslims who are exercising their right in a free society to change their religion, or to become atheists. And they are regularly being threatened, beaten and burned-out, while the police largely stand by, inert."
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october 2007 by pw201
Letting go of God - Julia Sweeney
An excerpt from Sweeney's monologue on losing her faith.
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november 2006 by pw201
The Testimony of Paradox
An interesting de-conversion testimony from an ex-Christian.
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november 2006 by pw201

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