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The Author of a Best-Selling Abstinence Manifesto Is Sorry. Kind Of. Maybe.
Joshua Harris reflects on "I Kissed Dating Goodbye". Didn't really catch on in the UK when I was an evangelical, as far as I remember. Probably a good thing!
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august 2016 by pw201
Why Are All The Good Guys Always Taken, Gay, Dead, Or Available? | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
"When you finally do come across one of the good guys out there, why does it always turn out that he’s either taken, gay, dead, or available?" Via Phil.
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november 2014 by pw201
Double agent | World news | The Guardian
"Norah Vincent spent 18 months disguised as a man. She relives the boys nights out, the bad dates - and what happened when she ended up in bed with another woman." Women don't quite know what dating is like as a guy, it turns out. Or at least, Norah didn't, and ended up being quite sympathetic when she'd tried it :-)
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january 2011 by pw201
Don’t Be Ugly By Accident! « OkTrends
OKCupid, the dating site, took data from uploaded photographs and used it to work out some interesting stats. The better the camera you use for your pic, the hotter you look. iPhone users get laid more. Using a flash makes you look older. And so on. Interesting stuff. Via Mefi.
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august 2010 by pw201
The Logic of Life by Tim Harford
Great Google Talk by Tim Harford, author of "The Logic of Life" and "The Undercover Economist". We're apparently more rational than we might think we are.
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february 2008 by pw201
divalion: No More Mr. Nice Guy
Sort of a more measured version of the famous Heartless Bitches essay
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november 2006 by pw201

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