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Gas Pump Skimmers -
Skimmers which are attached to petrol pumps internally and then use Bluetooth to get the recorded card details out to the bad guys: finally, the killer app!
Bluetooth  hardware  crime  skimmer  credit 
september 2017 by pw201
Lies, Damned Lies, And Facebook (Part 4 of ∞) | Slate Star Codex
Scott at Slate Start Codex points out that there's no good evidence that those "Don't be that guy" posters have reduced the incidence of rape.
society  crime  advertising  posters  rape  statistics 
november 2013 by pw201
Mass Incarceration and Criminal Justice in America : The New Yorker
Astonishing (and worrying that it's apparently so easy for British people to be deported to the US).
america  law  crime  politics  prison 
january 2012 by pw201
New Statesman - The bugger, bugged
"After a chance meeting with a former News of the World executive who told him his phone had been hacked, Hugh Grant couldn’t resist going back to him – with a hidden tape recorder – to find out if there was more to the story . . . " Coppers taking backhanders from journos, oh my. No wonder the Met dragged their feet about the phone hacking case.
news  journalism  crime  phones  privacy  surveillance  police  hugh-grant  hacking 
april 2011 by pw201
Johann Hari: Did the media help to pull the trigger? - Johann Hari, Commentators - The Independent
"Every time there is a massacre by a mentally ill person, like Derrick Bird's last month, journalists are warned by psychologists that, if we are not very careful in our reporting, we will spur copycat attacks by more mentally ill people. We ignored their warnings. We reported the case in precisely the way they said was most risky. Are we now seeing the result?"
murder  psychology  crime  ethics  guns  journalism  media  violence  uk  suicide 
july 2010 by pw201
Heresy Corner: Sir Ian Blair defends the indefensible
I do try not to link to every single thing Heresiarch posts, but this is a particularly good one. " Evidence that the powers have been used inappropriately is not hard to find. Much more striking is the lack of evidence that the powers have ever been used appropriately. No terrorism-related charges have been brought against anyone as a result of a search carried out under the 2000 Terrorism Act".
terrorism  politics  ian-blair  crime  police 
january 2010 by pw201
DAVID SIMON - Vice Magazine
"David Simon is responsible for one of the greatest feats of storytelling of the past century, and that’s the entire five-season run of the television series The Wire." - Vice Magazine interview him.
vicemagazine  the-wire  tv-programmes  tv  television  wire  crime  drugs  politics  journalism 
december 2009 by pw201
Why it's so hard to quantify false rape charges. - By Emily Bazelon and Rachael Larimore - Slate Magazine
False accusations probably account for 8 to 10% of all accusations, though the research isn't conclusive, and it's not clear how this compares to false reporting of other crimes. Interesting story about the falsely accused man who found support from his girlfriend who had been raped some time ago: emotions were similar on both sides.
feminism  research  rape  crime 
october 2009 by pw201
Thoughts on Urban Survival
An Argentinian gives top tops on how to survive the collapse of a modern society.
survival  argentina  economics  guns  violence  crime  ferfal 
september 2008 by pw201
The Logic of Life by Tim Harford
Great Google Talk by Tim Harford, author of "The Logic of Life" and "The Undercover Economist". We're apparently more rational than we might think we are.
books  economics  video  sex  dating  crime  rationality 
february 2008 by pw201
No more singing policemen | Martin Samuel - Times Online
"The police keep abdicating their responsibility: to protect us from violent yobs" Coppers commenting say they're hamstrung, but it's clear a sea change is needed.
police  crime  violence  street-crime  politics  chav 
january 2008 by pw201

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