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Reading Genesis 1 “Literally” | Scribalishess
Susan Pigott, a professor specialising in the Old Testament, gives her literal reading of Genesis 1, and shows how it both borrows from and reacts against other cosmologies which were around at the time. Via Unreasonable Faith.
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january 2014 by pw201
A review of 'The language of God' (Francis Collins)
Gert Korthof likes Collins's stuff on evolution, but thinks the Moral Law argument (which Collins acknowledges he got from C.S. Lewis) is terrible: "Collins fails to demonstrate

a. the failure of Darwinism to explain the Moral Law (true altruism)
b. the divine origin of the Moral Law
c. b follows from a "
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february 2010 by pw201
God is not the Creator, claims academic
In a sense, this isn't news: a lot of the religions that were contemporaries of Judaism had a creation story involving gods making order out of chaos rather than creating the universe from nothing, though I'd previously read that this was referred to in the Bible more obliquely than the this new theory suggests (e.g. water + Leviathan symbolises chaos in Psalm 74). If this idea catches on, it'll be interesting to see the new ideas the Abrahamic religions come up with to harmonise this with science :-)
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october 2009 by pw201
The Kalam Cosmological Argument
A critique of everyone's favourite "first cause" argument by P.Z. Myers's daughter.
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march 2008 by pw201
A Critique of the Kalam Cosmological Argument
Critique of William Lane Craig's arguments from creation.
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march 2007 by pw201

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