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When Women Stopped Coding : Planet Money : NPR
I remember seeing a photo of an old-ish computer surrounded by its programming team in the computing museum at Bletchley Park. Most of the team were women. This blog/podcast looks at what happened in the USA.
women  coding  computers  feminism  sexism  technology 
november 2014 by pw201
Windows 95 Tips, Tricks, and Tweaks
Lovecraftian Windows 95 dialogs: "It's never safe to turn off your computer."
computers  horror  lovecraft  win95  funny  windows 
november 2012 by pw201
philosophy bites: Nick Bostrom on the Simulation Argument
"Nick Bostrom doesn't rule out the possibility that he might be part of a computer simulation. Find out why in this episode of the Philosophy Bites podcast." Hard to fault the argument, as far as I can tell, though I should probably check how people have responded to it.
philosophy  computers  consciousness  simulation  nick-bostrom  transhumanism 
august 2011 by pw201
A Turing Machine Overview
Someone has built this excellent mechanical Turing machine (OK, so it has electronics in the read/write head, but it's got real tape).
computers  hardware  programming  software  turing  video  algorithm  history  logic  compsci 
march 2010 by pw201
What happens when your blog becomes one of the top Google results for "login to Facebook". Take it either as a serious lesson about user interface design, or an opportunity to mock the stupid.
facebook  login  funny  internet  computers  ui  user-interface  browser  google 
february 2010 by pw201
The Punchtape Letters
"My Dear Malware,

Thank you for your latest news. I agree that your bombarding of on-line programming sites with questions about “cascading style sheets” (whatever they may be) and “rounded corners” (as if anyone cared) will irritate and annoy a certain number (possibly even a large number) of programmers, but it seems a lot of effort to go to."
funny  programming  computers  c.s.-lewis  parody  screwtape  c++ 
december 2009 by pw201
Using Uninitialized Memory for Fun and Profit
Neat tricks for sparse arrays if you care about speed a lot more than storage space.
programming  algorithm  data-structures  sparse  array  computers  compsci 
march 2008 by pw201
Cool stuff to do with the Wii controller
My favourite is the head tracking stuff which makes the TV screen a view onto a 3D scene.
Bluetooth  computers  games  hardware  video  hack  wiimote  wii  VR  virtual-reality 
february 2008 by pw201
Peter Gutmann's Home Page
Interesting home page of a security guru. The stuff on the commercial malware industry is particularly scary.
computers  phishing  programming  Security  cryptography  pki  crypto  research 
september 2007 by pw201
Bittorrent client with a novel peer ranking system which claims to make stuff faster.
computers  mac  macosx  bittorrent  p2p  torrent  software 
august 2007 by pw201

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