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Driscoll & Brierley on Women in Leadership « Cognitive Discopants
Well known complementarian and fan of big strong manly men, Mark Driscoll, recently did an interview with Justin Brierley of Premier Christian Radio. Driscoll came out with a few choice quotes about Christians in the UK (“guys in dresses preaching to grandmas”).

He then had a go at Brierley for going to a church run by a woman (Brierley's wife!) and not believing in penal substitutionary atonement and eternal conscious torment in Hell (Brierley is an annihilationist: we unsaved will be told off and then vapourised rather then being tortured forever). Fun times.
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january 2012 by pw201
John Norman, the philosophy professor who created the barbaric world of Gor
io9 interviews John Norman, the famous complementarian and author of the Gor novels.
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march 2011 by pw201
Awkward ‘Christian tweet’ of the day!? | Jesus Needs New PR
Complementarian bad boy John Piper with a warning for us all (well, those of you who have daughters, at any rate).
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february 2011 by pw201
The Redheaded Skeptic
"Notes on the journey from minister's wife to atheist". Laura from Arkansas was married to a Baptist pastor who sounds like a real charmer. She writes about the emotional side of her transition to atheism.
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november 2009 by pw201

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