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Buddhism Is More ‘Western’ Than You Think -
Argues that incomprehensible genomic sayings are a Western stereotype of what Eastern philosophy is.
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november 2017 by pw201
My first 10 day Vipassana retreat
Not *my* retreat. Some bloke's. It's an interesting article about the experience though.
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january 2016 by pw201
The new Buddhist atheism | Mark Vernon | Comment is free |
"In God is Not Great, Christopher Hitchens writes of Buddhism as the sleep of reason, and of Buddhists as discarding their minds as well as their sandals. His passionate diatribe appeared in 2007. So what's he doing now, just three years later, endorsing a book on Buddhism written by a Buddhist? The new publication is Confession of a Buddhist Atheist. Its author, Stephen Batchelor, is at the vanguard of attempts to forge an authentically western Buddhism."
buddhism  atheism  stephen-batchelor  religion  buddha 
march 2010 by pw201
Buddhism and the God-idea
Interesting. I liked: "Whether we call those superior beings gods, deities, devas or angels is of little importance, since it is improbable that they call themselves by any of those names."
buddhism  god  religion 
october 2009 by pw201
Access : Meditating on consciousness : Nature
Two books exploring the relationship between Buddhism and science reveal surprising synergies — and hint that insights into the brain may come from studying the religion's practices, finds Michael Bond.
science  religion  meditation  buddhism  dalai-lama  consciousness 
november 2008 by pw201

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