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Faith vs. Facts -
"a broad group of scholars is beginning to demonstrate that religious belief and factual belief are indeed different kinds of mental creatures. People process evidence differently when they think with a factual mind-set rather than with a religious mind-set. Even what they count as evidence is different. And they are motivated differently, based on what they conclude. On what grounds do scholars make such claims?"
faith  facts  psychology  religion  anthropology  scott-atran 
april 2015 by pw201
Why IS liberal Protestantism dying, anyway?
Religions/denominations which are stricter in their requirements for adherents actually do better.
religion  anthropology  psychology 
december 2014 by pw201
God and the Ivory Tower- By Scott Atran | Foreign Policy
Scott Atran argues that scientific study of religion is needed. Hard to disagree there, though I'm not sure scientists have refrained from studying it because they think it's silly. Is there evidence for that?
atheism  new-atheism  religion  anthropology  scott-atran  atran 
august 2012 by pw201
Kayonga Kagame Shows Us The World. Episode: Darkest Austria : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive
A hilarious spoof on ethnological documentaries: an African TV team comes to the Austrian province to document the strange behavior of the natives... including the Feast of the Chicken. *
funnny  anthropology  ethnology 
september 2011 by pw201 / Reportage - Immigrant Muslims in Belleville
"Yet there are two main reasons the Belle­ville scenario looks more likely than the Eurabia one. The first is demographic: no serious demographer expects Muslims to become a majority in any western European country. The second is attitudes: only a tiny minority of French Muslims appears to want to establish a medieval caliphate in Europe. In surveys, most French Muslims say that they feel French... Many of them no longer observe Islam. And although here and there Muslims have made France a little more north African or Islamic, the influence seems to be more the other way: Muslim immigrants are being infected by Frenchness."
islam  europe  religion  anthropology  culture  immigration  demographics  eurabia 
march 2010 by pw201
Gods who know everything live in children's imaginations. | Comment is free |
"God knows what's in the biscuit tin. Small children have no trouble believing in omniscient beings and they do so after they have learned that humans are fallible." - part of Brown's continual, and quite convincing, argument that atheism is unnatural.
andrew-brown  justin-l-barrett  pascal-boyer  anthropology  psychology  religion  atheism 
november 2008 by pw201
Uncommon Priors » More smart things from the Chicago blog
Particularly interesting is a distinction he draws between religious beliefs that entail claims about the universe and expressive religious “beliefs” that basically are emotions.
religion  anthropology 
november 2008 by pw201
Religion: Bound to believe? : Article : Nature
Atheism will always be a harder sell than religion, Pascal Boyer explains, because a slew of cognitive traits predispose us to faith.
science  psychology  evolution  cognition  religion  anthropology  brain  cognitive-bias  pascal-boyer  boyer 
october 2008 by pw201
Terrorism and Radicalization: What Not to Do, What to Do
Scott Atran's presentation on strategies for preventing Islamic terrorism.
atran  islam  religion  terrorism  war  anthropology  politics 
november 2007 by pw201
Science, Religion, Reason and Survival
Some cogent objections to Dawkins and Harris from Scott Atran.
religion  science  atran  harris  dawkins  anthropology 
december 2006 by pw201

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