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How Trigger Warnings Are Hurting Mental Health on Campus - The Atlantic
American identity politics and the attempt to curtail academic freedom with talk of triggers and microaggressions and all that jazz. "You might call this impulse vindictive protectiveness." (Via Mefi, where the mods deleted a posting someone made linking to this, disappointingly: Mefi's mods seem to have crossed the ID politics event horizon recently)
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august 2015 by pw201
For American pundits, China isn’t a country. It’s a fantasyland. - The Washington Post
"Whenever I want to be cheered up about the future of my adopted country, I turn to American pundits. The air here might be deadly, the water undrinkable, the Internet patchy and the culture strangled, but I can always be reassured that China is beating America at something, whether it’s clean energy, high-speed rail, education or even the military. Over the past decade, American audiences have become accustomed to lectures about China, like a schoolboy whose mother compares him with an overachieving classmate."
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may 2015 by pw201
gmancasefile: TSA: Fail
"I have dealt with TSA since its inception and FAA security prior to that. I have witnessed TSA operate since they became a separate organization in 2002 and seen their reaction to intelligence provided them. I have now watched them operate for a decade, and I have respect for their hard-working employees who are doing a thankless job. But I have come to the conclusion that TSA is one of the worst-run, ineffective and most unnecessarily intrusive agencies in the United States government."
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march 2012 by pw201
Mass Incarceration and Criminal Justice in America : The New Yorker
Astonishing (and worrying that it's apparently so easy for British people to be deported to the US).
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january 2012 by pw201

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