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Brexit As Expressed Through The Medium Of Aliens Quotes.: gonzo21
"Newt: We'd better get back 'cause it'll be dark soon and Theresa May mostly comes at night. Mostly."

Via andrewducker
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january 2017 by pw201
Aliens and Anal Probes - Jason Colavito
"Why it is that aliens want to probe our butts; or, more specifically, when exactly did people start claiming that aliens gave them anal probes? This may seem to be a silly question, but silly questions often end up revealing hidden layers and secrets. In this case, asking the uncomfortable question of why aliens are so interested in anal orifices reveals a fascinating story about the dark side of the alien abduction media industry and its effects on those who participate in it."
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january 2016 by pw201
YouTube - They're Made Out Of Meat
Video version of a classic sci-fi short story.
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august 2010 by pw201
Why We Haven’t Met Any Aliens § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM
They're too busy playing computer games. Wasn't that the explanation in Charles Stross's "Accelerando", too?
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april 2010 by pw201

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