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Apple vs the FBI: Whoever wins, it's a mess - Franklin Veaux's Journal
A good look at the technical detail of what the FBI are asking Apple to do.
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february 2016 by pw201
gmancasefile: TSA: Fail
"I have dealt with TSA since its inception and FAA security prior to that. I have witnessed TSA operate since they became a separate organization in 2002 and seen their reaction to intelligence provided them. I have now watched them operate for a decade, and I have respect for their hard-working employees who are doing a thankless job. But I have come to the conclusion that TSA is one of the worst-run, ineffective and most unnecessarily intrusive agencies in the United States government."
america  911  hijacking  usa  government  fbi  politics  DHS  security  tsa 
march 2012 by pw201

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