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There's no hiding on Facebook | Alice Marwick | Comment is free |
The comments here are as interesting as the article - in fact commenting has become a tool for reading reading....that might be added to Benkler's claim the emergence of a more critically literate and empowered populace.
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october 2009 by psychosophonis
Half an Hour: An Operating System for the Mind
I very clear post about the need to look beyond the industrial economics of knowledge production and exchange
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october 2009 by psychosophonis
Cyclic Defrost
hmm some crispy new musics . co #cyclicdefrost
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october 2009 by psychosophonis
Pirate Party Australia Plans Election Onslaught
The Pirate Party got approx 7% of the national vote is sweden and now is represented at european gov levels..
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september 2009 by psychosophonis
Flickr: Powerhouse Museum Collection's Photostream
The powerhouse has a big collection online -using flickr they can distribute these photos to the public who can tag and add information to them...
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september 2009 by psychosophonis
GetUp! Campaign Actions
There are a whole lot of interesting things here and in the video accompanying that get close to thinking about geography as the media that bound us together- and still does in some cases - so the content of the campaign as well us the way the campaign operates os really interesting.
media  society  politics 
september 2009 by psychosophonis
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