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june 2011 by psychosophonis
BMJ Careers - Twitter going global
RT @davidahood: RT @eric_andersen: excellent piece on Twitter being leveraged by healthcare professionals cc @suzieis ...
health  social  network 
january 2011 by psychosophonis
adidas Football
right here we are - watch this meme - social visualisation..where manovich was wrong was that he misunderstood that the density of information will mean the 'implication' (in the Deleuzean sense) of the dataset is more valuable than the dataset percieved as image of the real - there is theory to do here..
social  visualisation  sport  information 
may 2010 by psychosophonis
PatientsLikeMe : Patients Helping Patients Live Better Every Day
interesting use case of aggregating, visualising and mining data form a distributed p2p community. Note privacy is easly trumped by use(r)fullness
information  visualization  health  web2.0  social  socialnetworking 
may 2010 by psychosophonis
There's no hiding on Facebook | Alice Marwick | Comment is free |
The comments here are as interesting as the article - in fact commenting has become a tool for reading reading....that might be added to Benkler's claim the emergence of a more critically literate and empowered populace.
guardian  facebook  social  networks  network  networking  Web2.0  media  society  politics 
october 2009 by psychosophonis
MIDEAST Network Power Maps
No Java?
You need a Java-enabled browser to see this simulation
politics  social  network  networks  mideast 
february 2007 by psychosophonis
Kevin Kelly -- Street Use
great blog an remediated recycled entropic design
design  art  Hacking  social  technology  DIY 
august 2006 by psychosophonis
yellow chair stories
a really interesting project making the virtual present
virtual  chair  yellow  networking  embodiement  bodies  collaboration  social  intensity  affect  networks 
june 2006 by psychosophonis

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