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Marcio von Muhlen: We need a Github of Science
RT : Very interesting, and revelant beyond science: "Why I want a Github for Science" 
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august 2011 by psychosophonis
Open Bookmarks
Open Bookmarks is a project to make social reading easy, personal, and open  community  metadata  publishing  social 
june 2011 by psychosophonis
Fibreculture Journal: 17
RT @andrewmurphie: RT @fcjournal: FIbreculture Journal issue 17, pre-launch, Unnatural Ecologies  FCJ17  digitalhumanities  media  publishing 
april 2011 by psychosophonis
PLoS ONE : Publishing science, accelerating research
this might be of interest due to the publishing model and 2 recent neuro/mri articles - enjoy
improvisation  neuroscience  MRI  journal  openaccess  publishing  research 
march 2008 by psychosophonis

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