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BMJ Careers - Twitter going global
RT @davidahood: RT @eric_andersen: excellent piece on Twitter being leveraged by healthcare professionals cc @suzieis ...
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january 2011 by psychosophonis
RWM - SON[I]A terrific looking podcast-inc recent interview w/ Kenneth Goldsmith ubu curator #media #network
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december 2010 by psychosophonis
There's no hiding on Facebook | Alice Marwick | Comment is free |
The comments here are as interesting as the article - in fact commenting has become a tool for reading reading....that might be added to Benkler's claim the emergence of a more critically literate and empowered populace.
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october 2009 by psychosophonis
MIDEAST Network Power Maps
No Java?
You need a Java-enabled browser to see this simulation
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february 2007 by psychosophonis

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