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Deleting Music
A fascinating account of copyright piracy by or on behalf of major labels via
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august 2011 by psychosophonis
Graham Wrench: The Story Of Daphne Oram’s Optical Synthesizer
@katecrawford did you see the wonderful SOS description. extraordinary & the curious intriguing bit at the end  synth  oram  music  oramics 
august 2011 by psychosophonis
AVIANIUM. (microphona magnetica) – Lovesliescrushing – Listen and discover music at
Rlly enjyng this ambient/soudscape album- topped new stuff from Loscil & Battles-AVIANIUM by Lovesliescrushing #music
june 2011 by psychosophonis
FatCat Records : News Zorn does a mixtape for FATCAT records - including interesting comments about mixtape as formative methodology #music
june 2011 by psychosophonis | Meets Twitter & Facebook
My Top 3 Weekly #lastfm artists: Nels Cline (25), The Fabulous Three (18) & Miles Davis (14) #music, lastfm
music  lastfm  #lastfm  #music 
january 2011 by psychosophonis
The Improvisational Brain § SEEDMAGAZINE.COM
neuroscience locating creativity again this time in improvisation...sigh....
neuroscience  imaging  music  improvisation  creativity  brain 
december 2010 by psychosophonis
voyage to the prehistoric planet | $.99 Dreams
$.99 Cent Dreams - new album and all old albums now on bandcamp in all their flac glory - #music #posthopjazzfreaks
music  posthopjazzfreaks 
august 2010 by psychosophonis
$.99 Dreams: Store you probably won't believe me but you should really get .99$Dreams Album '2010' - and then get the others too... #music
august 2010 by psychosophonis
Barcode Beats
A project of the Malmo New Media Lab the Barcode Beats project converts barcodes into music. The project is developed in collaboration with the hip hop crew/movement 'RGRA' and focusses on the potential for remixing, repurposing and mashing of remix and hip hop cultures for transforming or layering urban space. While it seem the initial prototype was a shopping trolley bound bar code scanner connected to a computer for immediate playback of the synthesised sound the project outlines the potential Barcodes afford for 'attaching' sounds to and object as a means of marking and repurposing commercial spaces and objects.
arc  dynamicmedianetwork  music  commerce  new  media  mobility  spatial 
may 2010 by psychosophonis
The record label of Steve Goodman and arguably (as these things invariably are) the centre of the grimey dubstep revival that became viral around the launch of Burial's untitled/selftitled debut (2006). The first 10" vinyl form hyperdub (HYP001) was delivered in in April 2004 by Kode9+Daddi Gee and there were numerous Kode collaborations on 10" and 12" in the interim.

A good primer on Hyperdub's rise and the project more generally can be found here:

To cite that article directly on Hyperdub's post Burial era;

'The new Hyperdub sound is all about synthesisers..."It's like hearing circuitry crying," Goodman has said of this recent output, and for new signings Darkstar this idea of computer love is a real fascination.'

There is an obvious 'mutation' here form a music born of hedonistic abandon in a sea techno-cultural detritus to a more positively generative techno-synthesis.
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march 2010 by psychosophonis
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