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extreme craft turned only to selling more shit...
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june 2012 by psychosophonis
FCJ-118 Faulty Theory | Fibreculture Journal: 17
'theory that is faulty describes and takes part in the world without precluding change' Fuller @ #media #philosophy
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april 2011 by psychosophonis
Fibreculture Journal: 17
RT @andrewmurphie: RT @fcjournal: FIbreculture Journal issue 17, pre-launch, Unnatural Ecologies  FCJ17  digitalhumanities  media  publishing 
april 2011 by psychosophonis
RWM - SON[I]A terrific looking podcast-inc recent interview w/ Kenneth Goldsmith ubu curator #media #network
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december 2010 by psychosophonis
Lyndal Jones
Lyndal Jones is an Australian Video and Performance Artist. She was a pioneer of new media media and video art in Australia. She has a particular interest in projects that unfold-over and document long periods of time and 'glacial' change that nonetheless manifest in the present and the local.

Lyndal has presented work and is represented internationally and has represented Australia at the Venice Biennale.

In 'Prediction Pieces' (1981-1991) Jones she explored 'the way humans arrange the idea of the future within their minds'

The Darwin Translations (1994-99) explores Darwin's theory of sexual selection across the animal and human and its relation to notions of sexual play.

Deep Water/Aqua Profunda (2001) is a video and sound installation exploring the nature of sexual intimacy (for the Venice Biennale)

The Avoca Project is a sprawling project that explores themes of immigration, subsistance, climate change, and community in the Victorian country town of Avoca.
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may 2010 by psychosophonis
The company P
The Company P is a swedish production company credited with the production of the first mixed reality television tie-in with its awarding winning (international Emmy) production 'The Truth About Marika'. The success of the truth about Marika has seen P enter the North American television market with the production of a Tie-In game for Joss Whedon's Dollhouse called Dollplay. The Dollplay production appears to have been mainly a supplement to the television series while The Truth about Marika was a mixed reality game that used the television Drama to add clues and provide narrative structure to the game play online and in the real world. P have also produced mobile and web based games, games for museum installation, and produced projects in conjunction with the Swedish Institute of Computer Science and the Integrated Pervasive Gaming Project. P is currently in production with Tim Kring - the producer of North American Television Series' Heroes and Crossing Jordan.
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may 2010 by psychosophonis
The Truth About Marika
The Truth about Marika is a mixed reality game produced by The Company P and employing research and technology by the Interactive Institute Sweden, The Integrated Pervasive Gaming Project, and the Swedish Institute of Computer Science.

The project is multilayered game employing the 'This is not a game ' gambit to evoke a rich immersive landscape that allowed the national broadcaster to develop a new intimate relationship with its viewers -'reaching audiences that have left the Sofa for the Keyboard. The Truth About Marika was based on a traditional TV Drama. Before the premier of the television show a women made the public claim that SVT has stolen the story of her missing friend for the Drama Series and was part of a cover up. Her blog became the online section of the game space as viewers/participants looked for collected and shared clues to the missing girls story which were planted in the Drama Series and in Virtual and Actual worlds - the third plane of the game space.
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may 2010 by psychosophonis
The Creator
The Creator is a pervasive game development platform initially developed out of research of the Integrated Pervasive Gaming Project , the Interactive Institute, and The Swedish Institute of Computer Science it now looks to be moving toward commercialisation. The mixed media company P productions is using 'The Creator' in the production with Television Producer Time Kring (Heroes, Crossing Jordan) to create a new interactive cross media game following the production of 'The Truth About Marika' a mixed media game that also used research from the aforementioned partners and an early implementation of The Creator; 'The Game Creator' that was developed by the Integrated Pervasive Gaming Project.
arc  dynamicmedianetwork  games  interaction  participative  pervasive  media  television 
may 2010 by psychosophonis
TA2 Together Anywhere, Together Anytime
A project of the Gaming Research Group at the Interactive Institute in Stockholm Sweden. The project examine the way technology might be used to nurture relationships between households. The project notes that despite our enduring experiences in life tend to be group events - and particularly family group events such as holidays, celebrations, an play modern media technologies serve individuals, not groups. Phones, computers, electronics games tend to be individually owned and provide individual experiences. TA2 intends to build systems that allow people to play games with each other, seeing and hearing each other as they play. They also intend to find ways modern sensors and IT equipment can give people in one household a richer awareness of activity in another.
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may 2010 by psychosophonis
Barcode Beats
A project of the Malmo New Media Lab the Barcode Beats project converts barcodes into music. The project is developed in collaboration with the hip hop crew/movement 'RGRA' and focusses on the potential for remixing, repurposing and mashing of remix and hip hop cultures for transforming or layering urban space. While it seem the initial prototype was a shopping trolley bound bar code scanner connected to a computer for immediate playback of the synthesised sound the project outlines the potential Barcodes afford for 'attaching' sounds to and object as a means of marking and repurposing commercial spaces and objects.
arc  dynamicmedianetwork  music  commerce  new  media  mobility  spatial 
may 2010 by psychosophonis
Malmö Living Lab for New Media
The Malmo New Media Lab was a project of the School of Arts and Communication, Malmo University in collaboration with the cultural organisation INKONST, the hip-hop movement RGRA, and several commercial and media organisations. The Malmo New Media lab was a public access media laboratory that ran from 2007-2009 that provided the opportunity for community members and visitors to develop, experiment, and evaluate new media formats. The project concentrated on engaging grass roots enthusiasts 'building on their needs and trying out concepts as they developed in a real setting'. In 2009 the 'Living Labs' program was established moving the labs into urban spaces.
arc  dynamicmedianetwork  public  media  open  access  new  art  communications  community 
may 2010 by psychosophonis
Concordia Digital History Lab.
The Concordia Digital History Lab is part of the Centre for Oral History and Digital Storytelling at Concordia. The lab has produced Vertov a stand alone media annotation plugin that combines with the bibliographic tool Zotero (both of which are open source). Elena Razlogova is the Director of the centre which supported her long term project to document, dramatise, and record the interaction between the people of the United States and the detention practices of their government.
dynamicmedianetwork  arc  video  sound  media  zotero  history 
may 2010 by psychosophonis
Welcome to Karen Casey
Karen Casey is an interdisciplinary artist working across a broad spectrum of the visual arts. Starting out as a painter and printmaker Casey was among a vanguard group of urban Aboriginal artists exhibiting widely in Australia and overseas from the late 1980’s. Since those early years her practice has diversified and expanded to incorporate a range of both traditional and digital media processes.
While her works have taken numerous forms Casey’s thematic interests have focused steadily on the interplay between mind and matter, the physical and the spiritual, referencing both ancient and contemporary modes of thought as she questions and challenges perceived notions of reality, time and space and our collective world view.
Known for her signature light works and earth-encrusted surfaces Casey’s art resonates with a vibrant intensity that elicits intimate engagement, drawing on an indigenous perspective of connection to land.
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march 2010 by psychosophonis
Global Minds Project
Global Mind Project is a unique creative venture combining new media art, neuroscience and computer technology. The project was conceived by Karen Casey and undertaken in partnership with software designer Harry Sokol. Together they have developed a means of generating real time video art from brainwaves.
The Melbourne launch of the Global Mind project represents the first stage of an online artistic forum that will creatively engage people through public interaction and collaboration.
arc  dynamicmedianetwork  neuroscience  neurophilosophy  media  art 
march 2010 by psychosophonis
There's no hiding on Facebook | Alice Marwick | Comment is free |
The comments here are as interesting as the article - in fact commenting has become a tool for reading reading....that might be added to Benkler's claim the emergence of a more critically literate and empowered populace.
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october 2009 by psychosophonis
Half an Hour: An Operating System for the Mind
I very clear post about the need to look beyond the industrial economics of knowledge production and exchange
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october 2009 by psychosophonis
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