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Florian Thalhofer
Florian Thalhofer is a video and documentary artist living and working in Berlin. Florian produces interactive installations and works within the Korsakow open source video system that he originally developed and which he continues to develop in conjunction with Matt Soar and the CONER-G narrative experimentation and research group.

He is currently working on a series of eight Korsakow films that have a 'talkshow' format with the artist interviewing subjects to create an interactive video database of responses.

He recently figured out how the world works (
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Monika Kin Gagnon
Monika Kin Gagnon is a researcher with the CINER-G research group at Concordia University and a film maker and archivalist. Her current projects include R69 a film and DVD project based on the work of here father Charles Gagnon ( She is also examining the Films of Expo '67 inclusing the multiscreen labrynth 'Aplace to Stand, Polar Life' and 'Canada 67' made in 360 degree 'Circlevision' and produced by the Disney Corporation. A book is planned to document this project.
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Almost Architecture
Almost Architecture (2007) is a non-linear 'Database Documentary' created by intermedia Artist, Designer, Writer and Academic Matt Soar. The documentary was created using the Korsakow non-linear video system that Dr Soar has developed in conjunction with the CINER-G reserach group at Concordia University and in Collaboration with its Inventor, New Media artist Florian Thalhofer.
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