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Six Key Lessons from a Design Legend (a before-and-after) | GiftRocket Blog
Some *great* comp. analysis of design here RT : Lessons from a Design Legend (a before-and-after)
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august 2011 by psychosophonis
Welcome to Karen Casey
Karen Casey is an interdisciplinary artist working across a broad spectrum of the visual arts. Starting out as a painter and printmaker Casey was among a vanguard group of urban Aboriginal artists exhibiting widely in Australia and overseas from the late 1980’s. Since those early years her practice has diversified and expanded to incorporate a range of both traditional and digital media processes.
While her works have taken numerous forms Casey’s thematic interests have focused steadily on the interplay between mind and matter, the physical and the spiritual, referencing both ancient and contemporary modes of thought as she questions and challenges perceived notions of reality, time and space and our collective world view.
Known for her signature light works and earth-encrusted surfaces Casey’s art resonates with a vibrant intensity that elicits intimate engagement, drawing on an indigenous perspective of connection to land.
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march 2010 by psychosophonis

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