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Remix Cinema
Remix Cinema -the collaborative making ,deconstruction, and distribution of digital artifacts.
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december 2010 by psychosophonis
AbTeC -Aboriginal Territories in Cyberspace
Abtec is a network of academics, artists, and technologist whose goal is to experiment with and share practical tools and practices for the creation of new Aboriginally determined territories online, in game-spaces and virtual environments. In 2009 The network worked with Aboriginal high school students using the Unreal game engine to refigure/repupose local mythologies and archetypes for new worlds while providing the students with skills highly valued in a digital economy. That project ended with the student production of the game 'Otsi!'. 'Skins' was a series of workshops with game industry professionals, artists, storytellers and academics that taught Aboriginal youths how to create their own virtual environments in order for them to tell and interact with their own stories - the program included Elders as storytelling consultants - providing a environment in which to explore and address the unique world view of Native youth.
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may 2010 by psychosophonis
Cfp | The Fibreculture Journal
this is the CFP page for the Fibreculture Journal
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may 2010 by psychosophonis
quake to pd - using quake as an instrument
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june 2006 by psychosophonis

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