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SHIFT game
Test your visual and thinking skills.
fun  cognitive  odd  games  questionnaires 
october 2008 by Psycholinks
Self Report Methods
A guide to the strengths and weakness of self-report measures in psychological research - ie interviews and questionnaires
methods  interviews  questionnaires  AS  A2 
september 2008 by Psycholinks
Take the EQ-SQ test
Take the EQ-SQ test to find out whether you have a systemising or empathising brain. Read about Simon Baron-Cohen's research into autism before you do it.
Baron-Cohen  autism  brain  neuroscience  abnormal  psychopathology  questionnaires  empathising-brains  systemising-brains 
february 2008 by Psycholinks
Battleground God
Test your rational consistency in this online test. Will your beliefs about God and religion survive the intellectual battlefield? Now's your chance to find out!
religion  God  thinking  philosophy  rational  questionnaires  fun  science  logic  debates-synopticity  A2 
february 2007 by Psycholinks

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