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Child Genius - take the genius quiz designed for 11 year olds
Take some of the MENSA child genius tests. Are you smarter than an 11 year old genius?
A2  intelligence-and-learning  intelligence  test  IQ  intelligence 
september 2013 by Psycholinks
The Flynn Effect for Different Countries
Discussion of the Flynn Effect and interesting data on IQ scores worldwide.
A2  intelligence-and-learning  IQ  psychometric  Flynn  Effect  intelligence 
september 2013 by Psycholinks
Effects of Iodine Deficiency - Video
Links to low IQ and is the world's leading nutrient deficiency. Connection to the theories of the evolution of human intelligence.
video  evolution-of-intelligence  A2  iodine  intelligence-and-learning  intelligence  IQ 
october 2012 by Psycholinks
Oh The Temptation - video
Cute children undertake the Stanford Marshmallow experiment
A2  intelligence-and-learning  IQ  marshmallows  children  fun  video 
september 2009 by Psycholinks
Intelligence: Knowns and Unknowns
A fab summary of where we are with the whole question of intelligence. You must read this document.
a2  intelligence-and-learning  intelligence  iq  nature-nurture  media:document 
september 2009 by Psycholinks
The Stanford Marshmallow Experiment
Do you want one marshmallow now, or two later? This great study that shows that how you respond to this question is a better predictor of your school grades than IQ or ALIS
intelligence-and-learning  developmental  AS  A2  fun  odd  children  IQ  marshmallows 
october 2007 by Psycholinks

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