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Animal behaviour
A good guide to many aspects of animal behaviour and, particularly, classical and operant conditioning
a2  animals  animal-behaviour  comparative  classical-conditioning  conditioning  operant-conditioning  learning  Pavlov  Skinner  Watson  Thorndike  intelligence-and-learning  Intelligence 
november 2007 by Psycholinks
Cat Wakes Man - Video
Cartoon video illustrating the complexities of cat behaviour
A2  animals  animal-behaviour  comparative  video  fun 
november 2007 by Psycholinks
Attachment in infant monkeys
Harlow's classic paper on monkey attachment
AS  attachment  developmental  animals  Harlow 
january 2007 by Psycholinks
BBC - Planet Earth
The Planet Earth website with excellent video clips from the series
comparative  A2  animals  animal-behaviour 
june 2006 by Psycholinks

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