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A 1942 Guide to British Culture
This is a copy of a document issued to US servicemen coming to serve in Britain during the Second World War. A very interesting insight into British culture and how it was seen from the outside.
culture  cultural  differences  war  servicemen  guide  A2  relationships  cultural  relativity 
june 2016 by Psycholinks
Madness: Out of Sight
Documentary on the history of mental illness. Looks at mental institutions in the past.
AS  A2  psychopathology  abnormal  Jonathan  Miller  video  history  institutions 
august 2014 by Psycholinks
Madness: History of Mental Illness
Documentary about the history of mental illness and its treatment. Includes ECT.
AS  A2  psychopathology  abnormal  video  Jonathan  Miller  history  ECT 
august 2014 by Psycholinks
Madness: The Talking Cure
Documentary by Jonathan Miller on the history of the talking cure.
AS  A2  video  talking  cure  psychoanalysis  Freud  hysteria  Jonathan  Miller  psychopathology  abnormal 
august 2014 by Psycholinks
Phantoms In The Brain - Documentary Series
Great documentaries about the brain and strange behaviour.
video  AS  A2  biology  physiological  brain  neuroscience  Ramachandran  phantoms  in  the  brain 
august 2014 by Psycholinks
Harnessing the power of nonsense to sell rubbish.
Genefique  A2  persuasion  TV-advertising  Hovland-Yale  video  ISI 
february 2014 by Psycholinks
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