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Neat… a branching #video player #narrative #storytelling #edtech
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10 weeks ago by psychemedia
Story Curves
🎬 ➿ "Visualizing Nonlinear Narratives with Story Curves"
by @namwkim85 et al.
narrative  narrativeCharts  asynchrony  stories  storycurves 
october 2017 by psychemedia
The Notery – An Idea for Shared Work Narrating
As ever, @cogdog gives a fine (meta)example of how to show your working..
workflow  narrative  jonudell  @cogdog  openness 
november 2014 by psychemedia
YouTube - Kurt Vonnegut on the Shapes of Stories
If you haven't already, just watch this - Kurt Vonnegut on the shapes of stories (5 mins or so)
digital  storytelling  narrative  arc  t151  vonnegut 
may 2011 by psychemedia
GameSetWatch - Incidental Character Choices in "Balloon Diaspora"
"There is a conflict in the heart of any video game design between agency and authored story. The simplest game narrative is one which is linear: once which does not change in response to player action. However, this sort of narrative fails to take advantage of the most special aspect of games: their interactivity."
"How, then, can we resolve the conflict between the player’s desire to express himself and affect the game world in a meaningful way and the practical restrictions on the scope and complexity of the game’s story? How do we provide interesting choices that don’t require extraordinary design feats?"
games  art  storytelling  t151  narrative  design  structure  game 
april 2011 by psychemedia
Compelling visualisations of the various pathways through several "Create Your Own Adventure" books.
emergent  narrative  structure  story  design  uncourse  feedthru  t151_10J 
march 2010 by psychemedia
BBC - Research and Development: The Mythology Engine - representing stories on the web
"a proof-of-concept for a website that represents BBC drama on the web letting you explore our dramas, catch up on story-lines, discover new characters and share what you find."
bbc  narrative  storytelling  uncourse  t151_10J  drwho  engine 
march 2010 by psychemedia
cyoa · animations
Amazing animations/visualisation of pathways through a 'create your own adventure' book...
t151  viz  interactive  narrative  storytelling  createYourOwn  adventure  t151_10E 
november 2009 by psychemedia

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