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https - AWS Lambda cannot connect to Kinesis Firehose "Max retries exceeded with url" - Stack Overflow
Currently you can't connect a Lambda task directly to Kinesis Firehose, only to Kineses Streams. One way around this is to let Firehose write a file to S3 and then trigger a Lambda task via S3 event notifications.
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december 2016 by pskomoroch
Developer Update
Today we are excited to open up all our public data for FREE with a suite of APIs letting you create
robust products using MySpace data. Any developer can now get UNLIMITED access to MySpace data
pushed to you in real-time, without having users install anything or authenticate.
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december 2009 by pskomoroch
API Documentation — BackType
The BackType API allows you to develop applications that leverage our dataset and interact with our website. All requests to the BackType API are HTTP GET and POST requests. The API is available for non-commercial use and each user is limited to 1000 requests per day. The API is provided free of charge, but its use is subject to our Terms of Use. Please contact us if you would like that limit extended or if you would like to request any additional functionality.
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december 2008 by pskomoroch
PyMedia - Python module for avi, mp3, dvd, wma, ogg processing - pymedia_tut
is a Python library for accessing and manipulating media files. It makes audio and video playback/creation a snap for even a newcomer to programming. This tutorial aims to walk you through installing and using the PyMedia library.
For the sake of simplicity most of the examples have been kept concise and straightforward. In a 'real world' application, you would need to take care of error handling, input validation and so on.
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november 2008 by pskomoroch
RoboSci Blog
ffmpeg -i "$INFILE" -f mp4 -vcodec mpeg4 -maxrate 1000 -b 700 -qmin 3 -qmax 5
-bufsize 4096 -g 300 -acodec aac -ab 192 -s 480x320 -aspect 4:3 "$OUTFILE"
iphone  transcode  video  ffmpeg  mencoder  stream  hack 
august 2008 by pskomoroch -- Video Playback and Encoding with MPlayer and MEncode
Remember the avi file with the broken index? Instead of always using the workaround, you can permanently fix it with MEncoder. The following command rebuilds the index and copies the whole audio and video stream as they are to the output file.
mencoder  howto  fix  audio  avi  stream 
september 2007 by pskomoroch
Mencoder - V4LWiki
What is new is that the latest mencoder version usefully reports "Skipping frame!" once a second during recording. The workaround is to set the framerate explicitly with -fps 30000/1001.
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september 2007 by pskomoroch
MacOSX - Freevo Wiki
sudo port install MPlayer +real +quicktime +sdl +freetype +lzo +vorbis +mencoder
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september 2007 by pskomoroch
TIP MEncoder Tips and Tricks - Gentoo Linux Wiki
RealPlayer rtsp Video Streams

This example will rip the video to mpeg4 using lavc, and the audio to mp3 using lame:

mencoder <rtsp url of trailer.rm> -ovc lavc -oac mp3lame -o <output.avi>
encode  realmedia  stream  rm  mp4  video 
september 2007 by pskomoroch
Multiformat stream recorders: How to download/save/capture/record streaming Windows Media, Real Media, Real Video, Real Audio, Quick Time Videos (.ASF, .WMV, .WMA, .ASX, .WMX, .WVX, .WAX, .RA, .RM, .RAM, .SMIL, .RMVB, .MP3) [RTSP, HTTP or MMS protocols]
MPlayer to record streaming media get the URL of a stream and use command line: mplayer -dumpstream rtsp:// After recording you will get the file stream.dump. You should rename it to .rm,
mac  osx  download  stream  rm  video  hack 
september 2007 by pskomoroch
Free Online MIT Course Materials | FAQ: Technology | MIT OpenCourseWare
Is it possible to save the RealPlayer video files to a disk or to my hard drive?
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september 2007 by pskomoroch

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