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*large* python dictionary with persistence storage for quick look-ups - Stack Overflow
No one has mentioned dbm. It is opened like a file, behaves like a dictionary and is in the standard distribution.

From the docs

import dbm

# Open database, creating it if necessary.
db ='cache', 'c')

# Record some values
db[b'hello'] = b'there'
db[''] = 'Python Website'
db[''] = 'Cable News Network'

# Note that the keys are considered bytes now.
assert db[b''] == b'Python Website'
# Notice how the value is now in bytes.
assert db[''] == b'Cable News Network'

# Loop through contents. Other dictionary methods
# such as .keys(), .values() also work.
for k, v in db.iteritems():
print(k, '\t', v)

# Storing a non-string key or value will raise an exception (most
# likely a TypeError).
db[''] = 4

# Close when done.
I would try this before any of the more exotic forms, and using shelve/pickle will pull everything into memory on loading.
dbm  python  memory  dictionary 
july 2017 by pskomoroch
json - Append list of Python dictionaries to a file without loading it - Stack Overflow
If you are looking to not actually load the file, going about this with json is not really the right approach. You could use a memory mapped file… and never actually load the file to memory -- a memmap array can open the file and build an array "on-disk" without loading anything into memory.

Create a memory-mapped array of dicts:

>>> import numpy as np
>>> a = np.memmap('mydict.dat', dtype=object, mode='w+', shape=(4,))
>>> a[0] = {'name':"Joe", 'data':[1,2,3,4]}
>>> a[1] = {'name':"Guido", 'data':[1,3,3,5]}
>>> a[2] = {'name':"Fernando", 'data':[4,2,6,9]}
>>> a[3] = {'name':"Jill", 'data':[9,1,9,0]}
>>> a.flush()
>>> del a
Now read the array, without loading the file:

>>> a = np.memmap('mydict.dat', dtype=object, mode='r')
The contents of the file are loaded into memory when the list is created, but that's not required -- you can work with the array on-disk without loading it.

>>> a.tolist()
[{'data': [1, 2, 3, 4], 'name': 'Joe'}, {'data': [1, 3, 3, 5], 'name': 'Guido'}, {'data': [4, 2, 6, 9], 'name': 'Fernando'}, {'data': [9, 1, 9, 0], 'name': 'Jill'}]
It takes a negligible amount of time (e.g. nanoseconds) to create a memory-mapped array that can index a file regardless of size (e.g. 100 GB) of the file.
dict  array  python  memmap 
july 2017 by pskomoroch
python - Noun phrases with spacy - Stack Overflow
>>> from spacy.en import English
>>> nlp = English()
>>> doc = nlp(u'The cat and the dog sleep in the basket near the door.')
>>> for np in doc.noun_chunks:
>>> np.text
python  noun  spacy  pos 
may 2017 by pskomoroch
mortar-examples/common_crawl_trending_topics.pig at master · mortardata/mortar-examples
%default INPUT_PATH 's3://mortar-example-data/common-crawl/tech_sites_crawl/*.gz'
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may 2017 by pskomoroch
[no title]
# Specify the python command to be used for python streaming udf. By default,
# python is used, but you can overwrite it with a non-default version such as
# python2.7.
# pig.streaming.udf.python.command=python
pig  hadoop  streaming  python 
may 2017 by pskomoroch
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