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Cajun Chicken Alfredo 2 Recipe : Guy Fieri : Food Network
i used the spices in this recipe for shrimp instead of chicken.
alfredo  spice  chicken  blackened  cajun 
march 2016 by pro_action
Rolled Chicken Sandwich with Arugula and Parsley Aioli Recipe : Giada De Laurentiis : Food Network
Changed a few things for a repeatable sandwich.
No parsley but only arugula, add sriracha for more kick, used anchovy paste for the anchovy, used lemon juice instead of vinegar since I was zesting the lemon anyway, used full fat Greek yogurt instead of lowfat with all its unhealthy additives, and tried this with and without bacon, both of which were great.
arugula  chicken  sandwich  rollup  tortilla  giada  recipes 
february 2015 by pro_action
Ravioli Caprese Recipe : Giada De Laurentiis : Food Network
first i used wonton instead of ravioli dough and shrimp sauteed in olive oil butter and garlic rather than chicken. it is awesome. today i tried to make my first pasta dough ever and it was a little under worked and soft. looked weird but tasted good.
like  ravioli  giada  5stars  chicken  shrimp  adapted  wonton 
december 2014 by pro_action
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