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Land-book - the finest hand-picked website inspirations
Design gallery with the best and most carefully collected websites. We help creatives find inspiration & motivation to do rad stuff.
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5 weeks ago by primathon
Certified Data & Analytics Specialist
Learn DigitalMarketer's Proven Process and Get Certified as a Data & Analytics Specialist.
digitalmarketing  copywriting  from:marc  certification  goodcopy  example  sales  salespage  emulate 
april 2017 by primathon
How to Increase Sales Conversions on Webinars
Boost your webinar conversion rates with these techniques. I have statistics to show that they increase your conversions into sales.
webinar  sales  marketing  strategy  tactics  list  howto  increase  from:wpe  psychology 
january 2017 by primathon
Creating a Sales Process: The Ultimate Guide | HubSpot
A sales process is a repeatable model your sales team can follow to move prospects from an early stage lead to a closed customer.
sales  hubspot  marketing  automation  from:charles  funnel  email  process  instance 
october 2016 by primathon

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