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Recipe: Easy 5-Ingredient Black Bean Veggie Burgers | Kitchn
Ugh uses avocado for a binder, which I rarely have, but maybe I'll try this some day
recipes  vegetarian  burgers  thekitchn 
5 days ago by prettyasadiagram
5-Ingredient Sweet Potato Enchilada Casserole | Kitchn
took about an hour to cook sweet potatoes, came out very soupy (although maybe that's bc I made my own enchilada sauce???). wouldn't make again
recipes  vegetarian  sweetpotato  thekitchn 
november 2018 by prettyasadiagram
Zucchini Brownies {VIDEO} | i am baker
Easy peasy and delicious. OK you will ABSOLUTELY think you've done something wrong until you add the zucchini in and let it rest, because before that it looks like is DESPERATELY needs liquid. (Which, duh, the z provides.)
For me, these came out dense and fudgy like the picture, SO IT'S A WIN.

Also yes I added a frosting to this bc I like my brownies to be as unhealthy as possible.
recipes  dessert  brownies  zucchini 
september 2018 by prettyasadiagram
2-Ingredient Baked Cake Donuts | The BakerMama
this can break in the new donut pan you just bought

chocolate + pumpkin yields a thick batter, made 10 donuts, no pumpkin taste in the final baked good!
recipes  dessert  donuts  would-make-again 
july 2018 by prettyasadiagram
No Knead Pan Pizza - Budget Bytes
make dough day before - needs instant yeast
recipes  pizza  budgetbytes 
may 2018 by prettyasadiagram
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