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Chicken Tamale Pie - Cheesy Chicken Tamale Pie Recipe
I 100 percent must have something similar already saved, but whatever
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october 2017 by prettyasadiagram
Chocolate Stuffed Oatmeal Bars. | How Sweet It Is
(no bake, aside from stovetop caramel for the oats)
calls for quick cooking oats! which you have in the freezer!

Update: this was fine, but not really something I think I'll make again
recipes  no-bake  oatmeal  cookiebars  howsweeteats 
september 2016 by prettyasadiagram
Spicy Roasted Squash with Feta and Herbs | How Sweet It Is
easy and tasty, although it probably would have worked better if I had actually used coconut oil
recipes  squash  vegetarian  sidedish  would-make-again  howsweeteats 
november 2014 by prettyasadiagram
Smokey Roasted Chicken Tacos with Spicy Goat Cheese Queso | How Sweet It Is
Used lemon instead of lime, but I think I used too much... Ooops? Still. Very tasty and mad easy.
recipes  chicken  howsweeteats 
march 2013 by prettyasadiagram
Easy Double Bean Burgers with Avocado Basil Cream | How Sweet It Is
Sounds good. I may even make the avocado basil cream.

[Super easy for a quick weeknight meal.]
recipes  vegetarian  would-make-again  howsweeteats 
july 2012 by prettyasadiagram
Chicken, Kale + Chickpea Skillet | How Sweet It Is
Obviously modify because I don't own a large skillet, but still, sounds tasty
recipes  chicken  howsweeteats 
july 2012 by prettyasadiagram
Portobello and Leek Carbonara | How Sweet It Is
Maybe, if you're feeling adventurous in the kitchen. But not with portobello. Leeks are a maybe.
recipes  pasta  howsweeteats 
july 2012 by prettyasadiagram
Chocolate Fudge Pomegranate Cookies | How Sweet It Is
Fairly easy to make, batter is absolutely delicious.

For future reference, how to deal with pomegranates: cut of top, then use a knife to cut skin along the sections. Pop seeds out over medium bowl half-full with cold water. Very doable.

Could maybe be kept in a little longer than 10 minutes, but that's for later experimenting.
recipes  cookies  dessert  howsweeteats 
september 2011 by prettyasadiagram

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