Filters: Part 2: Thinking about the network as filter – confused of calcutta
And then we have the ultimate, the Infinite Loop. The phenomenon that grinds decision-making to a halt as people strive to obtain consensus via mail. I was on vacation at the time. I didn’t see that message. Constant re-openings of the same debate as people try and get a synchronous outcome out of an asynchronous tool without the agreements and conventions in place to do it.
january 2014
▶ CNI: Digital Natives or Digital Naives? The Role of Skill in Internet Use - YouTube
Eszter Hargittai
Delaney Family Professor
Communication Studies Department
Faculty Associate
Institute for Policy Research
Northwestern University

Closing Plenary Session
"Digital Natives or Digital Naives? The Role of Skill in Internet Use"

The growing diffusion of information technologies influences people's life chances and raises questions as to their ability to appropriate digital media for their empowerment. Does the spread of information technologies affect different population segments differently? If so, which segments are most likely to benefit and which are most likely to be left behind? Based on original data, the talk considers disparities in people's Web use skills and how skills relate to what people do online. Those who know how to navigate the Web's vast landscape can reap significant benefits from it. In contrast, those who lack online abilities may have a harder time dealing with certain logistics of everyday life, may miss out on opportunities and may also obtain incorrect information from unreliable sources or come to rely on unsubstantiated rumors. Analyses suggest that skills are not randomly distributed among users, rather, they depend on demographic and socioeconomic factors as well as user context even when controlling for access differences.

Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)
Fall 2013 Membership Meeting
December 9-10, 2013
Washington, DC
december 2013
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