Anticipating the Next Phase of the Library-Technology Industry: EBSCOhost
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Computers in Libraries. Dec2016, Vol. 36 Issue 10, p16-18. 3p.
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Research Library Issues, no. 289 (2016)
Shooting at Florida State University Libraries: The Act, Aftermath, and Response

Thinking about the Unthinkable: A Personal Reflection on the June 1 Incident at UCLA and Library Responses and Roles in Active Shooter Situations
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How to Successfully Survive a Mandated Project
How to Successfully Survive a Mandated Project
Computers in Libraries - Westport
Subjects: Libraries; Information systems; Principles
Author: Ellern, Jill
Date: Nov 2011
Start Page: 16
Pages: 5
Abstract (Document Summary)
All kinds of projects fall into this mandated project variety, not just IT-type projects, although those are the most common ones when thinking about this issue. Because of the pace of change and how pervasive IT is to an organization, these IT projects happen more often and can have more far-reaching effects to a systems librarian's job or to the library as an organization.
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