Paul Morley: ‘Pop belongs to the last century. Classical music is more relevant to the future’ | Music | The Guardian
Paul Morley: ‘Pop belongs to the last century. Classical music is more relevant to the future’ | The Observer
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9 hours ago
Frank Auerbach: Constable, Turner and me | Art and design | The Observer
Auerbach: ‘there is a constant despair … I have never stopped at all … I always have had the feeling I am too late’
Frank_Auerbach  2014  art  painting  Guardian  interview 
9 hours ago
Scottish referendum: people are energised – and this new way of doing politics is not going to change | Armando Iannucci | Comment is free | The Observer
Iannucci — ‘Scottish referendum: people are energised – and this new way of doing politics is not going to change’
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11 hours ago
Daring Fireball: The iPhones 6
"I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I’d rather have an iPhone that couldn’t make phone calls than one that couldn’t take photographs."
John_Gruber  Apple  iPhone_6  hardware  smartphones  2014 
19 hours ago
trouble connecting i tunes to Sonos Lion OS - Sonos Forums
"I decided Sonos was doing something that my mac did not like when setting permissions to load the library. This time, once again, manually created a 'Music' share through
System Preferences->Sharing->File Sharing
Then, verified its existence from another computer on my network using:
Finder->Go->Connect to Server...->smb://HomeServer

Finally, I circumvented Sonos by loading the library through my Sonos iPhone App. The "Music" share was available and loaded and the played my tracks.

I re-indexed several times, after downloading more music to iTunes, and it worked perfectly.

So, in conclusion, it appears that Sonos, when loading the iTunes library, is kicking-out the Music share when it tries to set the permissions for the share. By manually setting up the share and then loading the library via the controller or iPhone app, it does not try to change the permissions, and the share is preserved."
Sonos  iTunes  networking  2011  music  hardware  how_to 
trouble connecting i tunes to Sonos Lion OS - Page 2 - Sonos Forums
"If you get the following error "The computer 'server' refused to let Sonos connect to it" here is the solution.

1.) Make sure all your File Sharing settings are turned on and that you have both AFP and SMB options checked.
2.) Open your Server Admin application (not Server.exe)
3.) Connect / log into you server
4.) Click on the Access tab and under the Services section, highlight SMB
5.) Click the Add (+) button, scroll down the list of user names and then drag Sonos over to the right side where all your other user names are. Save the settings and quit the Server Admin application.
6.) Open Sonos desktop and see if you Library / songs will now connect/play.
7.) If not, go to Manage | Music Library Settings and remove the old music folder. Re-start the Sonos software and then go back to Manage | Music Library Settings and add the iTunes Music folder as you normally would."
Sonos  iTunes  networking  2012  music  hardware  how_to 
BBC News - Wiltshire's 'Neolithic' long barrow burial chamber opens
Almost like old times … ‘Wiltshire's 'Neolithic' long barrow burial chamber opens’ —
Wiltshire  BBC  2014 
Stonehenge: children revealed to be the metal workers of prehistoric Britain | UK news |
‘Stonehenge: children revealed to be the metal workers of prehistoric Britain’ | UK news |
Stonehenge  Wiltshire  pre-history  2014  Guardian 
3 days ago
Latest news, world news, sport and comment from the Guardian | | The Guardian
‘Stonehenge: children revealed to be the metal workers of prehistoric Britain’ | UK news |
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3 days ago
Apple - Privacy - Government Information Requests
"On devices running iOS 8, your personal data such as photos, messages (including attachments), email, contacts, call history, iTunes content, notes, and reminders is placed under the protection of your passcode. Unlike our competitors, Apple cannot bypass your passcode and therefore cannot access this data. So it's not technically feasible for us to respond to government warrants for the extraction of this data from devices in their possession running iOS 8."
privacy  Tim_Cook  Apple  2014 
3 days ago
Daring Fireball: Apple Watch: Initial Thoughts and Observations
"Apple Watch is the first product from an Apple that has outgrown the computer industry"
John_Gruber  Apple  Apple_Watch  watches  2014 
4 days ago
The Shipping Forecast
"remember to keep striving to achieve exactly that: a future that’s gentle, human, considered.,
Tom_Armitage  BERG  Warren_Ellis  2014 
5 days ago
Is this the end of Britishness? | Ian Jack | Politics | The Guardian
Ian Jack on Britishness: ‘But perhaps what recommends it most is the frail senescence that makes it an undemanding /
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5 days ago
Paul Bach-y-Rita - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Apple Watch's repertoire of vibrations is a game changer, pointing to the magic of new modalities cf this chap
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10 days ago
For BERG, My London Launchpad | MORNING, COMPUTER
"It’s not like Schulze and Webb are dead, and neither is Timo, and all the other great minds in BERG’s orbit. But it feels like a significant moment: as significant, I think, as their turn into internet-of-things products and services, which had its own sadness for a lot of people. I imagine there’s a chill wind in Shoreditch today. I hope they will all go off in search of the next new thing, as they used to, and fly more innovations. I get to be sad, though, because I’m always sad when a launchpad gets decommissioned. I wish them all the very best."
BERG  2014  Warren_Ellis  Jack_Schulze  Matt_Webb  Matt_Jones  from iphone
12 days ago
Week 483 | Berg Blog
Very sad at Berg’s news, but, yes: ‘Behind the mountains, there are more mountains’. My very best wishes to everyone.
BERG  2014  Matt_Webb  Jack_Schulze  internet_of_things  connected_devices 
12 days ago
Untitled (
Krugman: ‘You may think that Scotland can … [be] another Canada … all too likely … [wd be] Spain w/o the sunshine.’ —
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13 days ago
Russia Moves More Troops Across Ukraine Border, NATO Says : NPR
Russia ‘trying 2 create a land passage along … Southern coast of Ukraine … [to] control a way … from Russia 2 Crimea’—
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22 days ago
U.K. Wants EU to Block Russia From SWIFT Banking Network - Businessweek
‘U.K. Wants EU to Block Russia From SWIFT Banking Network’
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22 days ago
"we've made the difficult decision to stop showing authorship in search results"
Google+  Google  search  authorship  2014 
23 days ago
Boris Johnson is not fit to be leader of the Tory party, never mind Prime Minister » Spectator Blogs
Spectator: ‘Boris Johnson is not fit to be leader of the Tory party, never mind Prime Minister’ —
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27 days ago
Who really killed Pier Paolo Pasolini? | Film | The Guardian
""It is only at the point of death," Pasolini had said in 1967, "that our life, to that point ambiguous, undecipherable, suspended – acquires a meaning.""
Pasolini  film  cinema  2014  Guardian  from iphone
27 days ago
Werner Herzog on director's cut of The Act of Killing:
""Director's cuts quite often are simply too long, but with THE ACT OF KILLING the opposite occurs. It gains in depth, taking you into a vortex of fever dreams, pulling you deep inside the nightmares of the protagonists. You find yourself drawn irrevocably into the darkest souls, and time acquires a different role, as if you and the world had stopped breathing. The shorter version is trimmed down mostly to emphasize its political content, but Joshua Oppenheimer's film is much more than a political documentary. It is a masterpiece of filmmaking, full of depth, surrealism, and stunning silences that will outlive the political message. Have patience. In half a century from now, this film will still stand out as something no one has ever seen before, and no one will ever see again. And it is the director's cut that will be the only version remaining.""
Joshua_Oppenheimer  Werner_Herzog  2014  film  cinema  Indonesia 
28 days ago
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