UIDAI probes Aadhaar software row
Ha Ha Ha @UIDAI, what is this? So everyone had access to everyone's data for years and you have been lying for a long time or did not know (No surprises there). So a govt. officer is my "relative" now? Now their fingerprints will be in high demand.
11 weeks ago
Using Project Kotlin for Android
This is a slightly modified copy of a document I presented internally at Square. We're not going to turn around and write everything in Kotlin. That wouldn't make sense. This was a sell on the language, features, and its implementation such that we can start experimenting.
kotlin  android 
11 weeks ago
Ambedkar’s Desiderata
In six decades of ‘progress’ India hasn’t realised our founders’ vision of social democracy.
politics  india 
12 weeks ago
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